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Oil and Vinegar

on sale
Brown Rice Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
French Red Wine Vinegar
from France by Edmond Fallot
French White Wine Vinegar
from France by Edmond Fallot
Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
on sale
Fig Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
Pure Rice Vinegar
from United States by Iio Jozo
on sale
Argan Oil, Virgin
from France by Huilerie Vernoilaise
Pistachio Oil
from France by Huilerie Vernoilaise
on sale
French Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fruitee - Fruity
from France by Moulin d'Opio


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    There’s a world of extra virgin olive oils out there, and we’ve sourced the best of them!
  • Blended Oils

    Blended Oils

    Stock up on our selection of premium oil blends, ideal for cooking, in convenient large-format bottles.
  • Citrus Infused Oil

    Citrus Infused Oil

    Perfect to add a touch of citrus flavor to dishes, discover our premium selection of citrus-infused oils.
  • Herb Flavored Oil

    Herb Flavored Oil

    Fresh herbs, blended with premium oils, are an unbeatable combination! Browse our catalog of herbed oil.
  • Nut and Seed Oil

    Nut and Seed Oil

    Some of the most flavorful and healthiest oils in the world! Walnut, pistachio, almond oil, and more available.
  • Truffle Oil

    Truffle Oil

    The pungent, addictive flavor of fresh truffles makes a perfect match to the smoothest of olive oils.
  • Other Oils

    Other Oils

    These oils defy categorization! Discover rare and unique oils.


  • Aged Balsamic Vinegar

    Aged Balsamic Vinegar

    Aged sometimes for over 100 years, our Balsamic Vinegars are sourced from premium estates in Italy.
  • All Balsamic Vinegar

    All Balsamic Vinegar

    From young and fresh to vintage, discover our full selection of balsamic vinegar.
  • Champagne Vinegar

    Champagne Vinegar

    This fresh and mil vinegar made from premium wine grapes is perfect to add a mild flavor to dishes.
  • Fruit Based Vinegar

    Fruit Based Vinegar

    From classic apple cider vinegar to sweet pear, rare Calamansi and more, discover our fruit vinegar catalog.
  • Red Wine Vinegar

    Red Wine Vinegar

    Essential in any pantry, a great red wine vinegar can elevate and give depth to a dish.
  • Rice Vinegar

    Rice Vinegar

    A must-have for Asian dishes, discover our selection of premium rice vinegar at Gourmet Wholesaler.
  • Sherry Vinegar

    Sherry Vinegar

    This gourmet vinegar, known as Vinagre de Jerez, is made in Spain from premium Sherry and aged in American oak for 6 months.
  • White Wine Vinegar

    White Wine Vinegar

    A must-have! This staple is perfect for cooking, adding sweet acidity and a nice splash of fruitiness to a dish.
  • Wine Based Vinegar

    Wine Based Vinegar

    A solid selection of wine vinegar for your pantry, both in retail and bulk sizes.
  • Other Vinegars

    Other Vinegars

    Looking for a rare, hard-to-find, or unique vinegar? You’re in the right spot!

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