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Truffles and Mushrooms

Truffles and mushrooms are a culinary staple in kitchens around the world. Chefs and foodies alike love their texture, taste, and the amazing flavors they can bring to any dish. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we offer an extensive collection of tasty, hard-to-find truffles that are sought out by premier chefs. Known as the “diamonds of the kitchen,” finding and harvesting truffles is a difficult process. They grow deep in the forest near larger trees and usually “truffle sniffing” dogs are used to seek out the prized fungus. With our catalog, you can now bring these prized culinary possessions into your recipes whenever you want! We offer a variety of black and white truffles from Italy, France, Chile, Australia, and Argentina along with a variety of truffle products. Have your customers ever experienced ingredients like truffle salt, truffle honey, or truffle butter? Or, do you use real truffle oil in your dishes? If not, it’s time to take a look at our amazing truffle and mushroom catalog.

Summer Black Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta
from France by Maison Pebeyre
Caciotta al Tartufo Truffled Cheese
from Italy by Mitica


  • Fresh Truffles

    Fresh Truffles

    When in season, we carry a selection of premium fresh truffles – white Alba, black Perigord, burgundy and summer truffles.
  • Truffle Pizza

    Truffle Pizza

    Truffled pizza, made by experts in Italy, perfectly frozen and ready to enjoy!
  • Frozen Truffles

    Frozen Truffles

    If you want to offer your customers the sublime flavor of truffles out of season, we carry a selection of luxurious frozen truffles.
  • White Truffles

    White Truffles

    Known as the Alba truffle, the white truffle boasts an exquisite flavor and pungent aroma that gourmands know and love.
  • Black Truffles

    Black Truffles

    Our selection of black truffles includes fresh, frozen, preserved, plus a myriad of black truffle products.
  • Truffle Butter

    Truffle Butter

    A versatile and flavorful ingredient, truffle butter is perfect for finishing pastas, egg dishes, rice and meats.
  • Truffle Cheese

    Truffle Cheese

    The combination of cheese and truffles is truly a marriage made in culinary heaven! Discover our truffled cheeses.
  • Truffle Honey

    Truffle Honey

    Sweet and smooth honey makes for the perfect vehicle for truffles, infusing it with an intense and complex flavor.
  • Truffle Juice

    Truffle Juice

    This versatile ingredient easily adds a great touch of truffle flavor to soups, sauces, and casseroles.
  • Truffle Oil

    Truffle Oil

    Premium oils infused with exquisite truffles are a must-have for the luxury pantry and upscale hospitality venues.
  • Truffle Pasta, Rice and Polenta

    Truffle Pasta, Rice and Polenta

    Our ready-to-make truffled pasta, rice and polenta are perfect for luxurious dishes in minutes.
  • Truffle Paste

    Truffle Paste

    Intense truffle pastes are ideal to add truffle flavor and aroma to a dish with minimal effort and expense.
  • Truffle Salt

    Truffle Salt

    We adore our truffle salt! Such an easy way to add a touch of truffles to everything from popcorn to truffle fries.
  • Truffle Sauces

    Truffle Sauces

    A selection of luxurious truffle sauces that will enhance and elevate anything from pasta to meats.
  • Truffle Specialties

    Truffle Specialties

    Looking for a rare truffle product or ingredients? Browse our truffle specialties!
  • Truffle Shavers

    Truffle Shavers

    Shave truffles like a pro with our selection of beautiful and practical truffle shavers.


  • Chanterelle Mushrooms

    Chanterelle Mushrooms

    Beautiful golden chanterelle mushrooms add delicious flavor to dishes. Our selection includes dried and preserved products.
  • Forest Mushrooms

    Forest Mushrooms

    A mélange of forest mushrooms preserved for year-round enjoyment. Perfect to keep around to serve with risotto, pasta and meats.
  • Morel Mushrooms

    Morel Mushrooms

    Meaty and flavorful, these coveted mushrooms are available wholesale in both retail and bulk packaging.
  • Oyster Mushrooms

    Oyster Mushrooms

    Delicate, flavorful oyster mushrooms are perfect to keep around and toss in just about any dish. Available dried and wholesale.
  • Porcini Mushrooms

    Porcini Mushrooms

    A versatile, pungent and delicious ingredient, we carry porcini mushrooms dried, in powder form, and frozen.
  • Shiitake Mushrooms

    Shiitake Mushrooms

    Flavorful shiitake mushrooms are essentials for any kind of cooking, especially Asian cuisine, and we carry a great selection.
  • Trompette Mushrooms

    Trompette Mushrooms

    Also known as black chanterelles, these meaty and flavorful mushrooms are available dried in retail and bulk packaging.
  • Wild Mushrooms

    Wild Mushrooms

    A mushroom mix perfect for pacific and Asian-inspired dishes, available dried.

Gourmet Wholesaler is the premier spot for all things truffle and mushroom! We have the best varieties from the top producers in the world and can ship overnight to your establishment today. Our truffles and mushrooms are shipped fresh to us in season and out of season, we offer preserved and frozen truffles that have maintained their amazing quality and freshness over time. Their aromas scream luxury and are perfect for cruise lines, private boats and planes, personal chefs, and specialty food stores. Try our line of white or black truffles from the premier truffle producing regions of France and Italy. We even offer rare Alba white truffles and Perigord truffles. Also, we carry an amazing collection of high-quality mushrooms perfect for your menus. Take a look at our catalog that includes classics like Chanterelle and Shiitake along with other varieties like trompette, oyster, porcini, and morel. We offer mushrooms dried, in water or in oil so you can order what works best for your menu and clientele. Sign up and we can inform you as to when certain truffle or mushroom varieties are in season, so your clients always have the freshest products available. Order now and we can ship overnight to your establishment today!

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