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Since 2001, Gourmet Wholesaler has been a
distributor of the finest gourmet food. Our
specialty is helping you create delicious experiences.
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Tea, Jam and Honey

Here at Gourmet Wholesaler we offer a wide variety of premiere teas, jams, and honeys perfect for Breakfast or Tea service at your establishment. Our selection of fine, aromatic loose leaf teas comes from plantations all over the globe. We offer a wide array of popular teas like Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Green Tea, Oolong, Herbal Infusions, and White Tea, and carry a variety of tea service sets and supplies that will give your tea service an elegance perfect for your clientele. Also, we carry a lovely selection of delicious honey and honeycomb. Our catalog also includes herb, nut, and spiced honey perfect for a wide range of delectable recipes. Your bread service will pop with our line of gourmet jams from a variety of fresh fruits. We also have natural purees perfect for creating cocktail menus sure to delight your bar crowd.

French Raspberry Fruit Spread - Organic
from France by Les Comtes de Provence
Basque Black Cherry Jam
from France by Saloirs de Louis
French Strawberry Fruit Spread - Organic
from France by Les Comtes de Provence
French Apricot Fruit Spread - Organic
from France by Les Comtes de Provence

Tea Forte

  • Tea Forte Black Tea

    Tea Forte Black Tea

    Discover the wonderful fragrance and lovely flavor of our premium black teas by Tea Forte.
  • Tea Forte Green Tea

    Tea Forte Green Tea

    We carry a wide selection of Tea Forte’s black teas, sourced from all over the world, in loose leaf, infusers and classic tea bags.
  • Tea Forte Herbal Tea

    Tea Forte Herbal Tea

    Offer your customers a great array of premium herbal teas by Tea Forte, sourced from all over the world.
  • Tea Forte White Tea

    Tea Forte White Tea

    Rich in antioxidants and with a delicious flavor, white tea is a must-have in your establishment.
  • Tea Forte Iced Tea

    Tea Forte Iced Tea

    Refresh your iced tea selection with Tea Forte’s premium blends, in a wide array of delicious flavors.
  • Tea Forte Infusers

    Tea Forte Infusers

    An innovative way of serving tea, Tea Forte’s infusers are practical, pretty and eco-friendly.
  • Tea Forte Loose Leaf Teas

    Tea Forte Loose Leaf Teas

    Shop our great selection of Tea Forte’s high-quality loose tea leaves, including black, green, herbal and more.
  • Tea Forte Service Items

    Tea Forte Service Items

    Serve your tea in the most beautiful way possible with our gorgeous tea service items – cups, tea cups, trays and more.
  • Tea Forte Gift Sets and Collections

    Tea Forte Gift Sets and Collections

    Beautiful tea gifts and tea collections, samplers and assortments featuring Tea Forte's luxurious teas and service items.

Jam and Fruit

  • Baking Jams

    Baking Jams

    Make great-tasting baked treats with our large selection of professional-grade baking jams in convenient retail and bulk packaging.
  • Candied Fruit

    Candied Fruit

    Our assortment of candied fruit adds a sweet and fresh little touch to your desserts and pastries! Available in bulk packaging.
  • Canned Fruit

    Canned Fruit

    When you need fruit our of season, you’ll turn to our large selection of premium quality canned fruit, perfect for the baking professional.
  • Dried Fruit

    Dried Fruit

    From apricots to Zante currants, our selection of dried fruit can’t be beat! In small retail sizes and bulk containers.
  • Frozen IQF Fruit

    Frozen IQF Fruit

    Individually quick-frozen fruit is the perfect ally when you want the lively flavor and vibrant colors of fresh fruit out of season.
  • Fruit Purees

    Fruit Purees

    Made with pure fruit and cane sugar, our fruit puree selection is essential for cocktails, baking and more.
  • Jams and Preserves

    Jams and Preserves

    We carry tiny jars of French preserves perfect for the hospitality industry and large format containers for restaurants and catering companies.


  • Honey


    Shop our incredible selection and variety of bulk and retail sized top-quality honey at great wholesale prices.
  • Honeycomb


    A great addition to a cheese plate, sweet honeycomb adds delicious flavor and gorgeous visual appeal to a dish.

Gourmet Wholesaler has the tea, jam, and honey that will give your service an elegant touch. We offer an extensive catalog of loose leaf tea and tea infusers that will provide your customers with multiple gourmet tea options. Our list is carefully selected from premier tea providers from around the world. We include a wide variety of countries and regions in our catalog to ensure that you can select from a range of teas that will make your clients happy. Besides our teas, we offer a wide selection of honey and honeycomb perfect for giving your tea service that extra touch. We also carry a variety of exclusive honey flavors like lavender honey, eucalyptus honey, truffle honey, chestnut honey, almond honey, hazelnut honey, garlic honey, saffron honey, and walnut honey. These varieties are perfect in a wide range of savory and sweet recipes and can give your menu the kick it needs to be extraordinary. We also carry a wide range of fruit jams and preserves to include with your toast and bread selections in a wide range of options. Our options include baking jams perfect for chefs looking to have a versatile menu. We also offer a wide range of fruit purees perfect for incorporating into your drinks and cocktails menus. Flavor up your drink and dining service today! We ship overnight with quality and health standards in mind directly to several businesses including cruise lines, private yachts and planes, and specialty food stores.

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