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Venison and Elk

Do your clients and customers love game meat? Do they have a taste for delicious venison chili, venison stew, or premium elk loin? Look no further than Gourmet Wholesaler’s prime selection of free-range venison and elk cuts. We deliver sustainable meats to your door from top providers in New Zealand, Hawaii, and beyond. Our delicious selections come in a wide variety of cuts including Frenched-8 rib racks, osso bucco, shoulder, saddle, flanks, loins, and chops. We also offer delicious sausages and ground meat perfect for burgers and a wide variety of recipes. This meat is perfect for clients looking for lean meat with less fat. Order today, and we can ship large and small portions overnight to fit your needs. This is a wonderful product.


  • Venison Tenderloin

    Venison Tenderloin

    Explore our selection of New Zealand venison tenderloin! Tender and succulent, our tenderloins have amazing flavor without any of the toughness or gaminess of wild venison.
  • Venison Loin

    Venison Loin

    One of the most desirable cuts, the venison loin is both extremely tender and lean, making for the perfect special occasion meal. 
  • Venison Chops

    Venison Chops

    A delicious option, our venison chops are the perfect main course. Loaded with flavor and quick to prepare chops are a great addition to any menu.
  • Venison Ribs and Racks

    Venison Ribs and Racks

    From short ribs to our hefty frenched rib rack we have an amazing selection of the finest venison. On the bone, these cuts look stunning and boast a generous amount of meat.
  • Venison Medallions

    Venison Medallions

    Not only one of the best cuts of meat but one of the most rewarding to prepare. Medallions are quick, easy, and so delicious, making them a favorite for busy dinner services.
  • Venison Saddle

    Venison Saddle

    Buying a whole venison saddle allows you to get the exact cuts you require. Including rib racks and tenderloins, the saddle has some of the choicest cuts of meat available.
  • Venison Legs

    Venison Legs

    We carry a great selection of various venison leg cuts. These legs offer full-flavor, excellent yields, and most importantly versatility. Giving you the option to roast them whole or break them down.
  • Venison Flank

    Venison Flank

    Arguably the most flavorful cut of venison served quickly seared or grilled our flank steaks are guaranteed to please.
  • Venison Shoulder

    Venison Shoulder

    Our venison shoulder is carefully boned. making preparations a breeze. Excellent as a whole roast or diced up for a stew, the shoulder is positively full of flavor!
  • Venison Round

    Venison Round

    One of the most versatile cuts, our venison bottom and inside rounds are sold with the cap on for extra tender and flavorful dishes.
  • Venison Osso Bucco

    Venison Osso Bucco

    Traditionally made with veal Osso Bucco gets an upgrade with venison giving your finished dish bigger more robust flavors. Select from among both hind and fore cuts.
  • Venison Hot Dogs, Burgers and Grinds

    Venison Hot Dogs, Burgers and Grinds

    Upgrade your barbecue with our premium selection of flavorful ground venison, hot dogs and pre-formed patties.
  • Venison Sausages

    Venison Sausages

    Packed with flavor, we have a wide variety of venison and elk meat sausages. Combined with various ingredients, these sausages are expertly seasoned to bring out the best of our meats.
  • Venison Jerky

    Venison Jerky

    Boasting intense flavor and with one-fifth the fat of beef varieties, our venison jerky is a great low-fat high-protein option.
  • Venison Bones and Trim

    Venison Bones and Trim

    Create the most amazing venison stock with our bones, and knuckles. Or a flavorful stew or stir-fry with our diced venison.
  • Other Venison Cuts

    Other Venison Cuts

    If game meats are heavily featured on your menu check out our whole carcass options. Why limit yourself to a single cut when you can have them all!


  • Elk Tenderloin

    Elk Tenderloin

    Fine-grained and wonderfully tender, the tenderloin is always the most desirable piece. Since elk are one of the largest game animals, you get even more generous pieces of this premium cut.
  • Elk Loins and Chops

    Elk Loins and Chops

    Tender medallions, juicy NY strip loins, and flavorful chops, we have a wide selection of premium elk meat at great wholesale prices.
  • Elk Ribs and Racks

    Elk Ribs and Racks

    Cut in the French method these massive racks provide the ultimate in table presentation. Small and larger rib options available.
  • Elk Medallions

    Elk Medallions

    Perfect for a more elegant presentation, these medallions are cut thick and round. Flavorful and wonderfully tender they’re also quick and easy to prepare.
  • Elk Saddle

    Elk Saddle

    One of the largest cuts on an already massive animal these elk saddles provide a lot of meat. Perfect for those who want full control over their portions and cuts.
  • Elk Leg

    Elk Leg

    Our boneless Denver leg includes not only the rump but also the inside, bottom, and top rounds. Perfect for cutting into medallions, steaks, and roasts.
  • Elk Flank Steak

    Elk Flank Steak

    The perfect cut for feeding a lot of hungry customers, our elk flank is large, tender, and flavorful. After nothing more than a quick sear this juicy cut is ready to be sliced.
  • Elk Osso Bucco

    Elk Osso Bucco

    Bigger than most animal shanks, our elk Osso Bucco will not only give you the most flavorful version of an already delicious dish but also the largest.
  • Elk Burgers and Grinds

    Elk Burgers and Grinds

    Make better burgers and upgrade your chilis and stews with our flavorful, high-protein, low-fat elk patties, grinds, stew meats, and meatballs.
  • Elk Sausages

    Elk Sausages

    Low in fat but high in flavor our elk meat sausages are a great alternative to the traditional beef and pork options.
  • Elk Jerky

    Elk Jerky

    Seasoned and smoked impeccably our selection of elk jerky is a flavorful high-protein low-fat snack.
  • Other Elk Cuts

    Other Elk Cuts

    Looking for more elk? We have excellent shoulders, trim, knuckle, and rounds, to suit all your culinary needs.

We love game meat at Gourmet Wholesaler, and our flavorful selection of venison and elk is perfect for your establishment. Our meat is available in large and portion sizes perfect for cruise ships, private planes and yachts, and gourmet and specialty food stores. We offer a unique collection of free-range meat from domestic and international sources. Our selection comes in a variety of cuts to cater to a wide range of recipes for any size audience. We source from top producers like Broadleaf, Mau Nui, Chateau Royal, and Fabrique Delices who have a commitment to high-quality meats made with care. Our catalog features venison from famed New Zealand Cervena and Red Deer that feed only on grass from the untampered New Zealand grasslands. We also feature wild game venison from Hawaiian Axis Deer. The deer feed on the unique ecosystems in Hawaii and are full of unique flavors you won’t find in any other meat on the planet. Jerky and sausage eaters will also find an excellent selection of carefully spiced meats perfect for grilling or taking on the go. So whether you’re creating a gourmet meal or stocking your selection of game meat, Gourmet Wholesaler has the top quality Venison and Elk to fit your needs.

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