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Champagne Vinegar

With its mild floral taste, champagne vinegar does its best work when used as a supporting player. Perfect for drizzling over the delicate leaves of butter and gem lettuces, frisee, and watercress, in a light salad dressing, or as a bright addition to your tomato and hollandaise sauces. Deglaze your pans after browning your meats with a little champagne vinegar, and use it as a base for braises and stews. Perfect for quick pickling vegetables, champagne vinegar marries its flavor into brines beautifully, and its neutral, bright characteristics enhance without competing for attention. All-in-all champagne vinegar is one of those versatile and delicious ingredients every chef has in their cupboard or pantry. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we’re proud to offer a fantastic array of delightful champagne vinegar options that are sure to elevate your cooking and brighten any dish!
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Champagne Vinegar
from United States by Sparrow Lane
Walnut Champagne Vinegar
from United States by Sparrow Lane
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Champagne Ardenne Vinegar
from France by Beaufor
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Cava Vinegar
from Spain by Boulou
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What is Champagne Vinegar?

A true workhorse of the kitchen, Champagne vinegar has a delightfully mellow flavor that marries well with a wide range of tastes and cuisines and easily brightens any dish. Typically champagne is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Petit Meslier, or Pinot Noir grapes, lending that characteristic floral almost buttery taste to the wine, and of course, to the vinegar. Like any wine-based vinegar, it’s produced by combining wine with a bacteria, or “mother,” as it’s also called. Once combined, the ingredients are allowed to ferment naturally, until it has transformed into acetic acid.

What Does Champagne Vinegar Taste Like?

Much less acidic than apple cider vinegar or even white wine vinegar, it’s a go-to when looking for something a little more subtle. Perfect in salad dressings, champagne vinegar adds a delightful zip to recipes and a nuance of flavor not found in all other vinegars. Often aged in wooden barrels, notes of oak are often present in champagne vinegar. Look through our complete selection of this delightful condiment and start adding the bright and delicious taste of champagne vinegar to all your favorite recipes!

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Champagne Vinegar Questions And Answers