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Poultry and Exotic Meats

Does your establishment have a taste for the exotic? We’ve got you covered here at Gourmet Wholesaler! Our selection of poultry, fowl, and exotic meats is undeniably one of the best on the market. We feature an amazing catalog of hard to find fowl meat including pheasant, quail, squab, Poussin, partridge, capon and Cornish game hens. Also, we offer a variety of exotic meats like alligator, kangaroo, frog, antelope, ostrich, rabbits, and turtles. If you’re looking for something new and perhaps, a little out of the ordinary, our selection of fowl and exotic meats is the place to look. We offer a variety of cuts and portion sizes perfect for any menu. We can ship overnight and always offer the highest standard quality products. Jazz up your menu today!

Poultry and Fowl

  • Capon


    Tender, sough-after capon chicken is available fresh and frozen, shipped overnight to your door.
  • Chicken


    From organic chicken to coveted Jidori, we carry a great selection of chicken, available whole, airline breasts, and more.
  • Cornish Game Hens

    Cornish Game Hens

    We offer premium Cornish game hens, young and tender, perfect for roasting on special occasions.
  • Duck


    Discover our selection of premium duck at wholesale prices, shipped fresh and frozen overnight.
  • Guinea Hen

    Guinea Hen

    Premium guinea hen for sale in bulk and retail sizes, perfect for gourmet establishments.
  • Partridge


    A versatile and delicious little bird, this moist and mild delicacy is available at great wholesale pricing.
  • Pheasant


    We source only the freshest and most delicious pheasant in the country!
  • Poussin


    We offer the finest whole Poussin chicken online, available boneless and whole, in retail and bulk sizes.
  • Quail


    Dainty, delicate squab is the epitome of culinary elegance! We offer whole, boneless and semi-boneless quail at wholesale prices.
  • Squab


    Dark, flavorful and exotic, we carry premium squab or young pigeon for your must elevated dishes.
  • Turkey


    For Thanksgiving or other special occasions, discover our selection of turkey at wholesale prices.

Exotic Meats

  • Alligator


    Discover the exotic flavor of alligator meat! We carry several cuts, including alligator legs and more.
  • Frog


    This delicacy is a must-try once in your life! Delicate frog legs for sale.
  • Kangaroo


    This gamey delicacy from Australia comes from kangaroos that roam wild down under.
  • Nilgai Antelope

    Nilgai Antelope

    Discover our wide selection of cuts from the flavorful, all-natural Nilgai antelope.
  • Ostrich


    A delicacy you probably never tasted but should! Discover this versatile and flavorful meat.
  • Rabbit


    This extremely lean meat if perfect to add to your offerings! We offer whole rabbits, trim, saddles, strips and more.
  • Turtle


    An exotic and flavorful meat, available in different presentations.

Here at Gourmet Wholesaler we carry the juiciest, hormone-free turkeys in addition to our extensive catalog of fowl and exotic meat. If you’re a cruise line, private boat or plane, personal chef, or specialty food store, our selection is perfect to give your clients some new and exciting for the taste buds. Stock up on our amazing selection of all-natural poultry and fowl to give your clients the most delicious bird they’ve ever tasted. Our selection of sausage, whole bird, breasts, and legs is superb and we’re constantly adding new products to our catalog. On that note, have you seen our selection of exotic meats? We feature meats you can’t find from other wholesalers on the Internet. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Gourmet Wholesaler has the products you’re looking for. Where else can you find fresh, succulent kangaroo and alligator meat? We have exotic meats for exotic tastes and cater to many establishments including cruise lines, private planes and yachts, private chefs, and gourmet and specialty food stores. We offer meats in large and cut portions to fit your needs. Order now and we can ship overnight with the highest quality and health standards.

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