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Since 2001, Gourmet Wholesaler has been a
distributor of the finest gourmet food. Our
specialty is helping you create delicious experiences.
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Charcuterie and Foie Gras

Gourmet Wholesaler is proud to bring you the most delectable foie gras and charcuterie on the market. We source from top, award-winning producers around the world to offer creamy, smooth foie gras, delicious mousse, and perfectly shredded rillettes. Producers make our charcuterie with high-quality ingredients and many source from free-range herds that use no hormones or antibiotics. Our products are fit for opulent tastes and are readily available for high-end restaurants, private planes and yachts, and luxury cruise lines. We offer bulk sizes and divided portions perfect for creating masterpiece recipes for large and small audiences. Many of our products are available for overnight shipping and with temperature consideration for both quality and health. Our catalog is always expanding, so be sure to check back and see what new products we have to offer.

Tipsy Cow Beef and Brandy Dry Salami
from United States by Red Bear Provisions
Old Kiev Dry Salami
from United States by Red Bear Provisions
Finochhiona Dry Salami
from United States by Red Bear Provisions
Hungarian Winter Dry Salami
from United States by Red Bear Provisions
Truffled Pig Dry Salami
from United States by Red Bear Provisions

Foie Gras

  • Fresh Foie Gras

    Fresh Foie Gras

    A delicious delicacy known worldwide for its rich, buttery taste and culinary usefulness

  • Micuit Foie Gras

    Micuit Foie Gras

    Partially cooked so it lasts a lot longer in your pantry but still gives the same wonderful flavor!

  • Fully Cooked Foie Gras

    Fully Cooked Foie Gras

    Fully cooked foie gras has a long shelf life in the pantry which is great for a commercial kitchen!

  • Foie Gras Accompaniments and Utensils

    Foie Gras Accompaniments and Utensils

    A delicacy like foie gras requires the proper utensils. Showcase your foie gras using the right tools!

Specialty Meats and Charcuterie

  • Bresaola


    Dark, flavorful Bresaola varieties from all over the world, perfectly cured and aged.

  • Chorizo


    Flavorful and spicy, we select our Chorizo from premiere charcuterie makers around the globe!

  • Deli Meats

    Deli Meats

    A variety of cured, roasted, and smoked meats from all over the world!

  • Duck


    Savory duck confit, fat, and breasts ready to use for your menu

  • Guanciale


    An Italian classic perfectly seasoned to perfection!

  • Jamon Iberico

    Jamon Iberico

    Known as the best pork in the world, we offer an amazing selection of Iberico cuts directly from Spain

  • Jamon Serrano

    Jamon Serrano

    Perfectly cured and cut gourmet Spanish ham carefully selected from premiere providers.

  • Pancetta


    Flavorful cured pork belly that will bring any recipe to a another level!

  • Pata Negra

    Pata Negra

    Rich, savory Spanish ham from the best breeds in the world.

  • Pates


    Delicious, rich, flavorful pates perfect for spreading over toast or for use in a number of recipes.

  • Prosciutto


    Cured Italian ham available in a range of portions to fit the needs of your kitchen.

  • Salami and Dry Sausages

    Salami and Dry Sausages

    Our delectable cured sausages come from all over the globe. We offer a range of classics including sopressata, saucisson, cacciatore, and so much more!

  • Sliced Meats

    Sliced Meats

    Gourmet sliced meats perfect for display on charcuterie boards or to create delicious sandwiches.

  • Specialty Hams

    Specialty Hams

    Delicious specialty hams from France, Poland, Spain and Italy ready for use in your kitchen.

  • Accessories


    All of the accessories your crew needs to present our selection of gourmet specialty meats and charcuterie.

Raw Sausages

  • Bison Sausages

    Bison Sausages

    Lean, seasoned Bison sausages ready to cook and delight your clientele.

  • Chicken Sausages

    Chicken Sausages

    Flavorful chicken sausages perfectly seasoned and great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus.

  • Duck Sausages

    Duck Sausages

    Go beyond classic beef or pork sausage. Think outside the box with your menu and try our flavorful duck sausages!

  • Elk Sausages

    Elk Sausages

    Seasoned, hearty elk sausages seasoned to perfection and delivered fresh to your establishment.

  • Exotic and Specialty Sausages

    Exotic and Specialty Sausages

    Are your clients looking for something out of the ordinary? Check out this section for rare finds like alligator and ostrich.

  • Lamb Sausages

    Lamb Sausages

    Delectable lamb sausages with a variety of seasonings.

  • Pheasant Sausages

    Pheasant Sausages

    Delicious pheasant sausages that are full of dynamic flavor! Perfect for jazzing up any menu.

  • Pork Sausages

    Pork Sausages

    Gourmet pork sausages in a variety of flavors and sizes from all over the world!


  • Venison Sausages

    Venison Sausages

    Lean, juicy venison sausage carefully selected to bring new flavors to your menu.

  • Wild Boar Sausages

    Wild Boar Sausages

    Wild boar sausages full of flavors that game eaters crave.

  • Trim Meats For Sausage Makers

    Trim Meats For Sausage Makers

    Season and create custom sausages with our gourmet trim meat selections.

Foie gras is a delicacy loved by many around the world. The preparation itself is an art passed down from generation to generation by many producers. It has a unique, delicious flavor that is mixed with a smooth creamy texture. It’s perfect for spreading on crackers or toasted baguette bread, and many dishes call for it to be lightly seared and paired with fruits or port sauces. Foie gras is certainly versatile and will make any dish seem like something that you’d eat in a Michelin star restaurant. We work with amazing producers like Rougie, Hudson Valley, and La Belle to bring you the most delectable foie gras you can buy. We sell foie gras in Grade A and Grade B so you can purchase based on your menu ideas and clientele. Gourmet Wholesale will deliver your foie gras in chilled packaging so you can be sure to receive a fresh product upon arrival. Whether you’re making a mousse, pate, or searing, we have the perfect foie gras for your needs. In addition, we offer the finest charcuterie perfect for any charcuterie board and full of delicious meaty flavor perfect for a variety of customers. Our catalog features charcuterie and raw sausage from France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Uruguay, and the United States. We offer meats in a variety of styles and flavors like Chorizo, Pancetta, Prosciutto, Bresaola. Also, we feature whole specialty hams and deli slices like Jamon Iberico and Jamon Serrano. Our sausages come from a variety of sources including bison, pork, chicken, duck, elk, lamb, pheasant, and wild boar. Our catalog contains many selections from animals raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics. We ship overnight and chilled for most products and ensure the highest quality standards. Gourmet Wholesaler provides the highest quality large and cut portions for your establishment.

Charcuterie and Foie Gras Questions And Answers