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Since 2001, Gourmet Wholesaler has been a
distributor of the finest gourmet food. Our
specialty is helping you create delicious experiences.
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Baking and Pastry

You have an establishment with a need for everything sweet, and we have the baking ingredients and desserts that will make your client’s taste buds dance. At Gourmet Wholesaler, our catalog of delicious pies, tarts, macarons, crepes, cookies, and baking ingredients from the most popular gourmet brands are ready to ship to your establishment at a moment’s notice. Our products are perfect for any event or recipe. Across the world, we cater to cruise ships, private planes, personal chefs, and specialty food stores to provide top-quality gourmet products from the best providers. We have the ingredients that professional pastry chefs crave for their most exquisite creations.

Creme Brulee Preparation
from Germany by Pastry 1
Hateruma Island Crushed Brown Sugar (Kokutou)
from United States by Murakami Syouten
4 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
French Creme Brulee, Frozen
from France by White Toque
Artisanal Coconut and Olive Oil Biscuits, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Bourbon Vanilla Pearls, Organic
from France by Eurovanille
Cacao Nib Shortbread Chocolate Cookies
from United States by Rustic Bakery
Pecan Shortbread Cookies
from United States by Rustic Bakery
Vanilla Shortbread Cookies
from United States by Rustic Bakery
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Organic
from France by Eurovanille
French Polynesian Vanilla Beans
from France by Eurovanille

Baking and Pastry

  • Almond Paste and Marzipan

    Almond Paste and Marzipan

    Create masterful recipes with smooth almond ingredients.

  • Frozen Appetizers

    Frozen Appetizers

    Delicious, gourmet pastry appetizers from international chefs. We also offer premium pastry shells to create your own recipes.

  • Baking Chocolate

    Baking Chocolate

    Gourmet baking chocolates from luxury brands like Valrhona and Callebaut.

  • Baking Jams

    Baking Jams

    Jams that spread evenlyand withstand high temperatures. Pastry chefs love our selection!

  • Breads


    A variety of gourmet French breads perfect for your food service.

  • Candied Fruit

    Candied Fruit

    Sweet, delicious fruits made for baking or bar service.

  • Chocolate Chips

    Chocolate Chips

    Delicious gourmet bulk chocolate chips perfect for your dessert menu.

  • Chocolate Cups

    Chocolate Cups

    Sweet chocolate cups that give your baked recipes a tasty presentation.

  • Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa Powder

    Gourmet coco powder perfect for baking from brands like Valrhona and Noel.

  • Croissants and Danish

    Croissants and Danish

    Bulk Croissants and Danishes from France and the U.S. ready to ship to your location.

  • Edible Baking Decoration

    Edible Baking Decoration

    Give your desserts the perfect finishing touch with our selection of decorating items.

  • Dried Fruit

    Dried Fruit

    Dried fruits carefully sourced from quality providers from all over the world.

  • Flavoring Oils and Extracts

    Flavoring Oils and Extracts

    A variety of premiere extracts and oils to give your recipes perfect flavor.

  • Flavoring Pastes

    Flavoring Pastes

    Gelatech bulk Italian flavoring pastes.

  • Food Coloring

    Food Coloring

    Gourmet food coloring in a variety of colors that can give your dessert menu an artistic touch.

  • Frozen Fruit (IQF)

    Frozen Fruit (IQF)

    A great selection of delicious frozen fruit, frozen at the peak of ripeness, full of flavor and great texture for out-of-season use.
  • Fruit Purees

    Fruit Purees

    A mix of pure fruit and cane sugar, our frozen fruit purees are designed for baking professionals using the finest fruit.
  • Gelatin and Glazes

    Gelatin and Glazes

    Professional-grade gelatin and pastry glazes are exactly what pastry chefs need to create the most stunning desserts.
  • Gold and Silver

    Gold and Silver

    Give your dishes that extra touch of luxury with our premium edible gold leaf, ideal for desserts and cocktails.
  • Baking Mixes

    Baking Mixes

    Baking mixes designed for the baking professional combine quality with practicality. We carry everything from chocolate mousse to sponge cake mixes.
  • Molecular Gastronomy

    Molecular Gastronomy

    Ingredients and essential tools for molecular gastronomy, including hard-to-find supplied for professionals and gourmet stores.
  • Pastry and Tart Shells

    Pastry and Tart Shells

    We carry a great selection of professionally made pastry and tart shells in bulk quantity, ideal for restaurants, hotels and caterers.
  • Praline


    Discover our selection of praline, perfect to create delicious desserts and pastry treats, fillings, bonbons and more.
  • Puff Pastry and Filo Dough

    Puff Pastry and Filo Dough

    Stock up on ready-to-use puff pastry and filo dough, essential for many desserts and savory dishes.
  • Sugar


    A great selection of bulk and retail-sized sugar for the professional in mind. Brown, white, powdered, turbinado and more available.
  • Vanilla Beans and Extracts

    Vanilla Beans and Extracts

    Essential for any pantry, we carry only the best vanilla beans and extracts, in both retail and bulk sizes.
  • Other Baking Ingredients

    Other Baking Ingredients

    Find all your essential baking ingredients and tools right here! Yeast, baking soda and powder, and much more.

Desserts and Sweets

  • Leonidas Chocolate

    Leonidas Chocolate

    Discover our line of luxurious Belgian chocolates by Leonidas. Assorted bonbons, pralines, and more, in beautiful gift-ready boxes.
  • French Macarons

    French Macarons

    Delicate and delicious, our French almond macarons are the perfect item for your retail store, hotel or catering business.
  • Cakes


    Frozen, professionally made cakes designed for the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. Delicious, beautiful and practical.
  • Chocolate Covered Fruit and Nuts

    Chocolate Covered Fruit and Nuts

    Perfect to add to baked goods and desserts, or just to serve as a sweet snack, our selection of premium chocolate-covered fruits and nuts is to die for.
  • Pies and Tarts

    Pies and Tarts

    Frozen, professionally made cakes designed for the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. Delicious, beautiful and practical.
  • Cookies


    Scrumptious cookies in beautiful packages are perfect for gourmet gift baskets, to display in your store or to serve at restaurants and catered events.
  • Fruit in Liquor

    Fruit in Liquor

    Ripe, sweet fruit perfectly preserved in liquor, in large-format packaging, are ideal for baking, desserts, or for cocktails.
  • Crepes


    Authentic fresh crepes are fully cooked, perfectly even and ready to be filled with your sweet and savory filling of choice.
  • Date and Fig Cakes

    Date and Fig Cakes

    Ideal to serve with cheese boards or for authentic Spanish tapas, our date and fig cakes are made with the freshest ingredients.
  • Membrillo


    A must-have to serve with Manchego cheese, and a great partner for many cheeses, your customers will love this sugary quince treat.
  • Other Sweets

    Other Sweets

    A selection of sweets that defy categorization!

Popular Baking Brands

  • Boiron


    Frozen fruit purees from France by Boiron are made pure cane sugar and the ripest fruit, designed for pastry pros.
  • Cacao Barry

    Cacao Barry

    One of the world’s most renowned brands of baking chocolate, we carry a great selection of Cacao Barry chocolate.
  • Callebaut


    Discover our selection of Callebaut baking chocolate, a brand famous for their variety of cacao products of the best quality.
  • Cuisine Tech

    Cuisine Tech

    Technical cuisine products developed by professionals for professionals, including a wide array of molecular gastronomy products.
  • Gelatech


    Ice cream products for professionals! You’ll love our catalog of Gelatech ice cream, sorbet and gelato products.
  • Guittard


    A selection of chocolate from one of America’s most beloved chocolate makers!
  • La Fruitiere

    La Fruitiere

    A French company specializing in frozen fruit purees and frozen IQF fruit using only premium fruit and ingredients.
  • Leonidas Chocolate

    Leonidas Chocolate

    Discover exquisite bonbons, praline and more delicious Belgian chocolate by Leonidas of Belgium.
  • Noel


    Professional baking chocolate and supplies from France, in large-format packaging perfect for baking pros. Glazes, cacao powder and more.
  • Pastry 1

    Pastry 1

    A supplier of professional baking supplies, Pastry 1 has an endless selection of essential pastry items to suit restaurants, caterers and chefs.
  • Ravifruit


    This French company specializes in frozen fruit purees, perfect for whipping up all manner of desserts and cocktails.
  • Valrhona


    Synonymous with premium baking chocolate, we carry a wide array of top-notch baking chocolate and cacao powder Valrhona of France.

Gourmet Wholesaler provides your establishment with the best and highest quality ingredients that pastry chefs know and love. Our catalog of chocolates, pastes, purees, sugars, mixes and so much more are perfect for specialty food and pastry shops, cruise lines, personal chefs, and private planes and yachts. We sell large quantities to supply you with the quality, gourmet ingredients you need to satisfy any audience. In our catalog, you’ll find a selection of products that will take your pantry and recipes to the next level. We offer amazing baking chocolates from companies like Valrhona and Callebaut in gourmet styles made for the luxury market. We offer cacao powder and extracts from exotic locations around like Indonesia and Madagascar that will elevate the quality of any dish. We feature an exquisite selection of tasty desserts including cakes, cookies, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, and calissons to satisfy the sweet tooth of any clientele. Our popular baking and pastry brands include Boiron, Callebaut, Gelatech, Guittard, La Fruitiere, Leonidas Chocolate, Noel, Pastry 1, Ravifruit, and Valrhona. Our wholesale line of gourmet baking and pastry products is the perfect solution for those in restaurant and hospitality. We ship overnight on most products to ensure quality and health standards, so your establishment can start making amazing desserts and pastries as soon possible! Don’t forget our line of purees and smoothies primed for use at your high-end cocktail bars. Create drink sensations that will stun the palates of your clientele.

Baking and Pastry Questions And Answers