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Wine Based Vinegar

Vinegar plays a pivotal role in any busy kitchen without it a host of sauces, vinaigrettes, and marinades would not only be rendered unpalatable but cease to exist altogether! Perfect for deglazing pans, vinegar is the tart savory base for so many sauces and reductions. While there is an overwhelming list of vinegar options out there, wine-based vinegars hold a special place in our hearts. From bold and assertive red wine vinegars to subtle and refined champagne vinegars no matter what dish you’re preparing or flavor profile you’re trying to capture, wine-based vinegars are the answer to all your culinary needs! Explore our complete selection of gourmet vinegars and condiments today, and thanks to our overnight delivery options, enjoy them as soon as tomorrow!
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French White Wine Vinegar
from France by Edmond Fallot
French Red Wine Vinegar
from France by Edmond Fallot
Lambrusco Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
Banyuls Wine Vinegar - 5 Years Old
from France by Cave de L'Abbe Rous
Timorasso Wine Vinegar
from Italy by San Giacomo
Portuguese Red Wine Vinegar
from Portugal by Esporao Azeites
White Wine Vinegar Flavored with Tarragon
from France by Edmond Fallot
Burgundy White Wine Vinegar
from France by Edmond Fallot
Red Wine Vinegar - Aged 12 Months
from France by Edmond Fallot
Minus 8 Wine Vinegar
from Canada by Minus 8
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What is Vinegar?

Like so many ingredients in our pantries, vinegar is created through the art of fermentation. Made in a two-part process, vinegar is made thanks to the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and certain vegetables. These sugars are first fermented into ethanol (more commonly referred to as alcohol), when exposed to oxygen the ethanol is fermented once again through the aid of bacteria and converted to acetic acid or what we know and love as vinegar!

Made from a variety of base ingredients vinegar, runs the gamut when it comes to flavor, acidity, and color. Offering versatility and diversity in the kitchen, we rely on vinegars to help us create complexity and nuance in our recipes. Prized not only for their flavorful qualities but also for their chemical makeup vinegars are the key to pickling and preserving food. Their acidic characteristics mix and react with leveners like baking soda to help us get fluffy light cakes, cookies, and muffins. They are also a frequent addition to marinades where their acid helps to tenderize tough cuts of meat. With no end of uses and a wide variety of flavors, vinegar is a pantry staple we think should always be kept on hand!

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