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An intoxicating, powerful and oh-so-colorful spice, Paprika is a must have in our spice cabinets. From premium Spanish Pimenton de la Vera, one of the world’s most prized spices, to prized smoked Paprika from La Dalia, we offer a selection of high-quality paprika from around the world in different heat levels. From mil to sweet to smoked, in bulk and pretty retail packaging, you’ll find everything you need to fully stock your spice cabinet and to infuse your dishes with the sweet heat only paprika can impart.
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Sweet Pimenton de la Vera - Sweet Paprika
from Spain by La Dalia
Paprika - Smoked, Sweet
from Spain by D'Allesandro
Smoked Paprika Flakes - Sweet
from Spain by La Dalia
Paprika - Smoked, Hot
from Spain by Gourmet Imports
Paprika - Sweet
from Hungary by Gourmet Imports
Traditional Paprika - Sweet, Not Smoked
from Spain by La Dalia
Paprika - Smoked, Bittersweet
from Spain by D'Allesandro
Paprika - Regular, Asta
from Peru by Gourmet Imports
Paprika - Sweet - Pimenton de la Vera
from Spain by Rey de la Vera
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Saffron and Paprika Spice Blend for Paella
from Spain by La Dalia
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What is paprika? Good question. Paprika is a pepper, dried and finely ground. Pimenton, or Spanish smoked paprika, is made by smoking the peppers first over a wood fire, acquiring a deeply smoky and rich flavor and aroma that we prize so much in recipes. It’s a warm spice, and rather that infusing a dish with scalding heat, gives it a richly sweet and smoky profile. Not all paprika is smoky, and not all paprika is pimento. Sometimes the smokiness of pimenton can be overwhelming, which when we reach for the plain paprika, also known as Hungarian paprika. In this variety of paprika, the peppers are sun-dried, so the flavor is less intrusive, more versatile. You can buy paprika wholesale in many varieties – sweet, semi-sweet, and hot. In Spain, those are called dulce (mild/sweet), agridulce (bittersweet/semi hot) and picante (hot), so pay attention to those levels. We carry paprika in bulk and smaller retail dispensers, so you can use them in high volumes in the kitchen or display the pretty containers in your retail store. Discover all our varieties of paprika and pimenton wholesale at Gourmet Wholesaler, and stock your pantry with the finest and best paprika the world has to offer.
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