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Experience one of nature’s true delicacies with our selection of gourmet honeycomb! Positively beautiful on the plate, honeycomb looks just as good as it tastes, making for an elegant and impressive presentation. Unprocessed and completely natural honey is jam-packed with antioxidants and plant compounds securing its place as one of the healthiest sweeteners available. Sourced from sustainable beekeeping establishments, our purveyors have quality at the center of everything they do. For some of the best honeycomb, at fantastic bulk prices, look to Gourmet Wholesaler to fill all your luxury honey needs!
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The Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb Box
from United States by The Savannah Bee Company
Honeycomb - Cut
from United States by Maison de Choix

As far back as our history books can go, mankind has been enjoying the luxurious taste of honey straight from the comb. Beautiful on the plate, honeycomb can pose a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated, and can even be intimidating to the point that it ends up being pushed to the side in favor of more familiar options. Honeycomb, however, can be eaten exactly as is, beautiful comb and all. Because honeycomb is best enjoyed in its simplicity, our favorite way to eat it is spread generously onto a slice of crusty fresh bread with some creamy butter. It also tastes fantastic atop a hot stack of pancakes or waffles for breakfast.

With its pure sweet flavors and dynamic presentation, honeycomb is also a favorite addition to the charcuterie board. Matching stroke for stroke with the strongest cheeses and most deeply savory cured meats, honey has the ability to marry well with almost any flavors, making the gastronomic possibilities virtually endless. Imagine a hunk of blue cheese, honeycomb, and a slice of fresh pear, or a mild double creme like camembert with some seedy crackers and a spoonful of honey, sounds good doesn’t it? Sample our delicious honeycomb for yourself today and start experimenting with its singularly delicious tastes and textures.

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