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Candied Fruit

The world of candied fruit is a delicious and widely varied one. From fruitcake and sugarplums to decadent chocolate-dipped candied orange peels, the practice of preserving fruit through the method of candying is a time-honored tradition, one that’s held on to its position within the culinary world to this day. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we’re proud to offer a delightful variety of these delicious fruits for your consideration. From the classic French cherries in brandy and Mirabelle plums to glazed apricots and orange slices, our selection is one of the best. Browse through them and start adding their kaleidoscope of colors and tastes to your dishes today!
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Candied Orange Slices, Glazed
from Australia by Marky's
Griottines Cherries in Brandy
from France by Peureux
Apricots Glace
from United States by International Glaze
Candied Orange Slices
from France by Amifruit
Candied Lemon Peels - Strips
from France by Pastry 1
Candied Orange Peels - Strips
from France by Pastry 1
Candied Orange Peels - Cubes
from France by Pastry 1
Candied Lemon Peels Cubes
from France by Amifruit
Candied Chestnut Pieces in Syrup
from France by Nutley Farms
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Mirabelle Plums in Syrup
from France by Brover
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

How is Candied Fruit Made?

The method by which candied fruit is made is a simple but effective one. Fruits are submerged into a sugar syrup, at which point heat is introduced. Cooked until the fruit’s original water content has been fully replaced by sugar, their shelf life has now effectively been lengthened, their flavor enhanced, and their colors preserved.

Candied fruit has been around for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt, China, and Rome. With the discovery that fresh fruit could be preserved through the winter via the art of candying, it quickly became one of the most popular forms of preservation. As sugar became more readily available throughout Europe, the method was perfected among bakers and confectioners and resulted in a host of desserts featuring the jewel-like sweets. Fruit cake, plum pudding, Lebkuchen cookies, there is a myriad of examples from all over the world where we can see preserved fruit used as the delightful garnish and the crowning jewels in a variety of sweets.

The gastronomic possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to these brightly colored sweets. Some of our favorite methods of employment are to knead them into cookies and enriched bread doughs. Swirl them into cake batter or mix them into fruit and nut mixes.

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Candied Fruit Questions And Answers