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Baking Jams

There's a wide world of jams, marmalades, and preserves out there, but not all of them boast the qualities and characteristics of baking jam. Specially formulated to stand up to high temperatures, these jams maintain their structure, appearance, and taste throughout the cooking process. Virtually ovenproof our baking jams are made with specially formulated pectin, which protects it from the harsh conditions of commercial ovens. From gels and jams to bake-proof glazes and marmalades, we have a wide selection of sensational products to choose from!
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Raspberry Jam, Gastronomique
from Switzerland by Hero
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What’s the Difference Between Jam and Jelly?

Jam, jelly, preserves, marmalades, they’re all delicious on a slice of toast, but what actually makes them different from one another? All the aforementioned condiments start with the same three basic ingredients: fruit, sugar, and heat. At what point during the cooking process do they diverge into their various categories and receive their differentiating monikers? The true distinction between them all is how much actual fruit ends up in the final products.


At the far end of the spectrum, there's jelly. Jelly is strained before being bottled and contains none of the actual fruit, just the juice, making it the firmest, consistency-wise, and the clearest in color.


Looser in texture than jelly, jam has the added bonus of being stuffed with pieces of fruit. Made from fruit purees combined with some larger pieces. Though we love all these fruity condiments, jam is the one we could eat by the spoonful!


Preserves, of course, have the most fruit in them, containing whole pieces! We love to feature fruit preserves on our cheese boards, or simply serve alongside a loaf of crusty fresh bread.


Marmalade is the same as preserves only; it's made exclusively with citrus. The rind, flesh, pith, it all goes into marmalades, and the result is a deliciously complex condiment, boasting sweet, sour, and just a little bitter, all in one.

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Baking Jams Questions And Answers