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Mixed Nuts

Having a high-quality assortment of mixed nuts on hand can be a lifesaver for a restaurant or bar. It will keep patrons entertained while their meals are being prepped, give them something to pair with their drinks, or can serve as a snack for staff. Our mixed nut assortments are filled with premium Spanish nuts, and are available in small retail packages or bulk cases.
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Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix
from Spain by Mitica
on sale
Spanish Cocktail Snack Nut Mix
from Spain by Mitica
Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix Royale
from Spain by Indeal
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

A hungry customer is usually an impatient one, so make sure you have something quick, delicious and filling to tide them over while you prep their meal. Our high quality premium nut assortment is exactly what you need to have on hand for exactly these occasions. Our mixes include premium Spanish nuts like luxurious Marcona almonds, paired with pistachios, peanuts and more. They’re the perfect partner for a cold beer, and very helpful in keeping patrons’ stomachs from grumbling while they wait for their lunch or dinner.

If you’re running a hotel or bed and breakfast, leave a bowl of these for your guests, so they have something to munch on in between meals - and it might just encourage them to crack open that beer in the mini bar! They’re a healthy, gluten-free snack that’s guaranteed to satisfy. Plus, we offer our mixed nuts in small retail packages and bulk cases, so no matter the size of your establishment, you’ll find what you need, in the size you need it.

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