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Morel Mushrooms

A chef favorite, the morel mushroom, inspires the same feelings of luxury as caviar, Dom Perignon, or foie gras. Their large oblong caps decorated with the characteristic honeycomb pattern of pits and ridges immediately identify the morel mushroom to its devotees and calls to mind the intoxicating taste of these delectable fungi. With a signature flavor that compliments a wide range of cuisines and a notoriously short growing season, enjoy the singularly delightful taste of morels year-round with our assortment of gourmet dried mushrooms!
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Morel Mushrooms - Dried
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Morel Mushrooms, Jumbo - Dried
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Where to Find Morel Mushrooms

Though strongly associated with French cuisine, morels grow exceptionally well outside of Europe, most notably in the midwestern region of the United States. Just like the coveted truffle, morels are difficult to cultivate and the vast majority of them are harvested in the wild. Competition is fierce among morel hunters and areas offering consistent yields become a savagely guarded secret within the community. Growing best in the moist soil of woods and forests, they are often found near old stumps, fallen trees, and in the wake of forest fires.

How to Cook Morel Mushrooms

Terrifically versatile morels are fantastic on their own, but also offer a fantastic earthy quality that combines well with a wide range of flavors. Preserved easily morels retain their taste well making them one of the best mushrooms to dry. Fresh and dried morels each have unique characteristics making both essential in any kitchen pantry. Be sure to clean morels first with cold water and a splash of vinegar to remove any impurities then prepare. We favor simple methods that allow the intrinsically delicious flavor of the morel to shine without any competition. Breaded and fried or simply sautéed in some good butter, there is not a dish that doesn’t benefit from the fantastic taste of these flavorful fungi. Rehydrate morels as you would any other mushroom and cook in the same way.

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