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Truffle Pasta, Rice and Polenta

The perfect meal, grains supply fast and easy preparations that have been satisfying young and old alike since the beginning of time. Delicious in their simplicity, when combined with the flavor of truffles, rice and pasta is elevated to a whole new plane of gastronomic delight. The earthy funky flavors we all prize so highly in truffles are the perfect complement to pasta and classic risottos or polentas. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we’re proud to offer a long list of these tantalizing options sourced from some of the finest Italian purveyors in the world. From Tagliatelle and Tajarin to Risotto and Fagioli, we have a delicious selection to choose from!
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Italian Black Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta
from Italy by Urbani
Summer Black Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta
from France by Maison Pebeyre
Risotto with Truffle
from Italy by Tealdi
Italian Black Summer Truffle Egg Tajarin Pasta
from Italy by Tealdi
Aromatic black summer truffle takes this rich egg Tajarin pasta to the next level!
Truffle Tajarin Pasta
from Italy by Tealdi
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Italian Truffle Risotto
from Italy by Sapori Antichi
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Pasta with Truffles and Beans
from Italy by Il Boschetto
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Everyone loves the simple and pleasant flavor of grains. Items like pasta and rice have been pantry staples since the beginning of humanity, and their popularity shows no signs of lessening. The foundation of so many of our favorite dishes and the fuel behind mankind's greatest accomplishments, without which wars could not be won, new worlds would be left undiscovered, and the great marvels of the world would remain unbuilt. Truffle pasta then is the culmination of all this, a decadent treat, it combines the simple with the extravagant, in perfect harmony. Ready in minutes, our delightful truffle pasta is a cinch to prepare and the perfect dish to feature on your menu. Unmistakably earthy, truffles go extremely well with creamy ingredients, consider pairing your pasta with a few rich components like butter, savory cheeses, and of course, heavy cream. This same rule applies for risotto, be sure to finish it with a generous knob of butter for an ultra-rich experience and add plenty of cheese during the last quarter of the cooking process. To intensify and enhance the truffle already contained in your pasta or risotto, consider finishing your dishes with a splash of our gourmet truffle oil. Rich in flavor, they round out all the delightful tastes of truffle and unify the dish into delicious cohesion. Browse through our entire selection of truffle products and start featuring the gourmet taste of everyone’s favorite tuber on your menu!

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Truffle Pasta, Rice and Polenta Questions And Answers