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Truffle Salt

Made from that most highly prized food, the truffle, our infused salts, are composed of natural sea salt and Italian black truffles. With its pronounced and intoxicating aroma, the truffle is the ideal food for infusions, and this heady combination is excellent proof of that. Used as a finishing salt, it complements any type of cuisine or flavor profile, highlighting and enhancing a wide range of tastes. A chef’s best friend and a pantry staple, black truffle salt is an easy way to get that singularly amazing flavor into all your dishes!
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Black Truffle Sea Salt
from Italy by Sabatino
Italian Truffled Sea Salt
from Italy by Casina Rossa
Sea Salt with Summer Black Truffles
from Italy by Maison Pebeyre
This exquisite condiment combines the purity of sea salt with the aromatic essence of summer black truffles.
Sea Salt with Black Summer Truffles
from Italy by Tealdi
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As any chef knows, salt has the ability to enhance flavors rather than competing with them and has a unique way of making ingredients taste more like “themselves”. Truffles and salt then result in a condiment that has the robust and unmistakable taste of this highly prized tuber. In the same way, that truffle oil has a cleaner, more intense flavor when made from fresh truffles, black truffle salt responds similarly. At Gourmet Wholesaler, all our infused sea salts are made with real pieces of this luxury food to optimally enhance the taste of all your favorite dishes and recipes. Black truffle sea salt can be used as a substitute for generic salt in almost any recipe. Adding it at the beginning of the cooking process, however, results in a partial loss of flavor. Truffles don’t hold onto their taste very well when exposed to high heat, so it's best to reserve this luxury condiment for finishing your recipes. This will allow the intoxicating taste and aroma to permeate your dishes and remain a pronounced element of your finished composition. Great for any dish in need of a little pick me up, turn to our selection of truffled salts to add the earthy and irresistible flavor of these world-renowned tubers to them. Composed of natural sea salt and Italian black truffles, our salts are an amazing taste of the Mediterranean, showcasing simple ingredients at their finest!

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