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Truffle Specialties

Truffles, the most desirous of tubers, are loved for their distinct flavor and intense aromatic qualities. In our gourmet line of truffle-infused items, the renowned fragrance and tantalizing taste of the truffle has been incorporated into a host of creative options and ingredients. From carpaccio and truffle mayo to salt and honey, all manner of condiments can benefit from the sublime taste of the truffle. Browse through our extensive selection of luxury ingredients and start adding the intoxicating musky flavor of everyone’s favorite fungi to your dishes in new and exciting ways!
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Traditional Black Truffle Flavored Crackers, Vegan
from Spain by Paul and Pippa
Mayonnaise with Truffles
from Italy by Tealdi
White Truffle Bruschetta Spread
from Italy by Tealdi
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This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Gift Box: White Truffle Mousse and Pearls
from Italy by Terra Del Tuono
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Where Are Truffles Found?

While certain parts of the world have tried to cultivate truffles of their own, purists insist that true truffles come from Europe, most famously the Perigord region of France, and Alba Italy, the white truffle capital of the world. Originally truffle hunters used pigs to help them find the mysterious fungi. The pigs, however, found the mushrooms just as appealing as we do and would often gobble up their discoveries before they could be retrieved, resulting in a switch from swine to dogs. In fact, in Italy, it’s now been outlawed to use pigs even to those willing to run the risk.

What Do Truffles Taste Like?

The flavor of truffles depends, of course, on the variety you’re sampling, where they were found, and even what time of year they were harvested. White truffles are the most pungent variety, with deep intense aromas that have been described as being garlicky, earthy, even musky. Black truffles are milder, making them easy to incorporate into a wide range of dishes and flavor profiles. While there is no end of adjectives trying to describe the truffle in all its mysterious and tantalizing glory, Alexandre Dumas may have said it best: "The most learned men have been questioned as to the nature of this tuber, and after two thousand years of argument and discussion their answer is the same as it was on the first day: we do not know. The truffles themselves have been interrogated, and have answered simply: eat us and praise the Lord!"

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