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Truffle Butter

A combination second to none in terms of taste and texture, our silky truffle butter is made from high-quality creamery style European butter studded with real pieces of truffle. This union renders a finished product that is both luxurious and positively bursting with the singularly delicious taste of truffle. Easy to use, we love swirling this rich condiment into risottos, pasta, even eggs! For an easy and delicious way to add the intoxicating taste of truffle to all your recipes, reach for any one of our gourmet options below!
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Winter Black French Truffle Butter
from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
Winter White French Truffle Butter
from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
Italian White Truffle Butter
from Italy by Urbani
Black Truffle Butter
from Italy by Sabatino
Summer Black Italian Truffle Butter
from Italy by Urbani
Summer White Italian Truffle Butter
from Italy by Eugenio Brezzi
Burro Parmigiano (Truffle Sauce)
from Italy by Eugenio Brezzi
Summer Truffle Butter
from France by Plantin
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Highly prized for their unique flavor and enveloping aroma truffles cannot be cultivated, and instead must be hunted by masterfully trained dogs and the expert eye of a knowledgeable truffle hunter. Time-consuming and difficult to locate, once they finally are found they require a delicate hand. All in all, this is a long and arduous task leading to a notoriously hefty price tag. Truffle butter is one way of extending this extremely valuable ingredient, making its rich and elusive flavor somewhat more accessible to young chefs and avid home cooks. Thanks to a distinctly potent musky scent, the truffle infuses into anything from oil and butter even to salt exceptionally well lending its luxurious qualities to much more affordable foods. By using truffle butter in your recipes, the sumptuous taste permeates through the entire dish. Especially good swirled into risottos, pasta, or melted into eggs and polenta, try placing a generous pat on top of a grilled steak or spread under the skin of poultry before cooking to infuse them with flavor. Great in almost any savory application, truffle butter is the answer to every culinary question. Browse through our excellent assortment of options and try any, or all of them, to see which suits your style of cooking and palate best. Most importantly, don’t go another day without adding the wonderful flavor of truffle into your dishes!

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