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Truffle Honey

Our delectable truffle honey combines the luxuriously sweet and smooth characteristics of honey with the fantastic taste and aromatic quality of truffles for one unbelievably delicious condiment. With a flavor profile that is uniquely sweet and earthy it boasts a depth of flavor unequaled by most ingredients. At Gourmet wholesaler we’re proud to offer a wide range of available options boasting both black and white truffles depending on the flavor and intensity you’re after. Fantastic served in a multitude of ways, exploring our entire selection and start adding the fantastic flavor of sweet truffle to all your favorite dishes.
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White Truffle Honey
from Italy by Sabatino
Thousand Flowers Truffle Honey
from Italy by Tealdi
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Honey with Black Summer Truffles
from Italy by Maison Pebeyre
Awaken your taste buds to a whole new level of gastronomic pleasure with this infused honey!
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Working equally well in both sweet and savory applications, our truffle honeys are perfect for glazes and salad dressings, or as an accompaniment to cheese and cured meats. Try adding it to your baked goods for added complexity and nuance, sweetness and moisture. The gastronomic possibilities of this delightful condiment are practically endless. Drizzled over gorgonzola on a crispy crostini it’s sweet and funky characteristics complement their flavors and textures perfectly. The ideal glaze for fowl like pheasant, squab, or chicken breast, it’s also a wonderful addition to the gooey and delicious baked brie pastries that have become dinner party staples. A match made in heaven truffles and honey work singularly well together, the sweetness of the honey is what hits your palace first, before melting into a gorgeous, deep, earthy truffle flavor. Sourced from some of the finest purveyors in Italy many “truffled” products don’t contain real truffles but instead have truffle essence to resemble that special flavor. Prized chiefly for its aromatic qualities, it’s our belief that a synthetic essence meant to resemble truffles in flavor and scent can never do justice to the real thing, that’s why our truffled honey, as well as all our other truffled products, contain real truffles!

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