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Trompette Mushrooms

Traveling under a host of monikers, you may have seen the trompette mushroom labeled as a horn of plenty, a black chanterelle, or a trumpet de la morte. Thanks to its striking black color and elegant shape, the black trumpet mushroom has been the source of stories and tall-tales dating back centuries. While delicious fresh, black trumpet mushrooms are preferred dried as their signature taste takes on notes of flavor reminiscent of the coveted truffle. Whether you’re quickly cooking them in a stir-fry, slowly simmering in a soup, or even crumbling them dried over your dishes, the trompette is one of the most distinctive and versatile mushrooms available. Try this singularly delightful fungi for yourself, and start using it in all its forms to add a gourmet quality to your cooking.
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Trompette Mushrooms - Dried
from Bulgaria by Gourmet Imports
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Trumpet Mushrooms

Trompettes have one of the most potent flavors of any mushroom, wild or domesticated. Though small and rather flimsy due to their hollow nature, the black trumpet packs a punch taste-wise. One of the more delicate mushrooms, it cooks extremely quickly, making it a chef favorite during busy dinner services. With an intense flavor and an aromatic quality unequaled in most mushrooms, the trompette’s versatility knows no bounds. As with most fungi, the black trumpet’s flavor marries especially well with cream-based dishes. Like chanterelles, their distinct quality is shown off best when used alone, as other mushrooms or extremely powerful flavors can muddle or even mask their taste.

The (Sometimes) Bitter Black Trumpet

The most important thing to keep in mind when cooking with the trompette, especially in its dried form, is that they can become bitter. Avoid this by cooking your trompettes in direct contact with fat, as a first step, before adding in other ingredients. The bitterness will concentrate throughout cooking, so keep that in mind when making any type of reductions. When treated with proper care and consideration, the black trumpet is a versatile and delicious ingredient that can enhance a wide range of dishes. Feature their distinct flavor on your next menu and prepare to receive a lot of compliments and second helpings!

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