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Skip the chicken and reach for the partridge! When generic poultry options like chicken, duck, and turkey seem too tame, your guests are sure to appreciate the slightly more exotic option of a game bird like partridge. Make your establishment stand out by featuring less common options on your menu like these delicious little pigeons. With their diminutive size, delightfully savory flavor, and culinary versatility, we love partridge prepared in a range of different styles.
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Often described as being sweeter, leaner, and more acidic than chicken, partridge and other game birds are a specialty more easily accessible to those within the restaurant industry than the average home chef or devoted gourmand. Bring the flavor of all these delicacies to your customers and guests by featuring some of the less common options on your seasonal menu! Smaller than pheasants but larger than quails, the partridge has dark flavorful meat. Lean but with a delicate and tender flesh partridge is milder than most other game birds, making it the perfect gateway meat to other stronger game options. Best kept in the coldest part of your fridge, pheasant lasts well for up to three days before it needs to be cooked. When making partridge, it’s best to keep it simple, allowing the singularly delicious taste of the bird to shine. Exceptional when roasted or grilled, partridge, like duck, is best served medium-rare. Easy to prepare and quick to cook partridge will be a favorite during busy dinner services and the weekend rush. With a decent amount of protein in each portion, along with a handful of valuable B vitamins, partridge is also rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron. In addition to its extremely nutrient dense makeup, partridge is also a lean meat, with less fat than lamb, duck, or pheasant! Browse through our entire selection of this truly scrumptious food today for a delightful taste of game bird at its finest!

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