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Bored of chicken? Try poussin! A favorite of chefs all over the world this succulent option is more tender than fully mature chicken. With a delicate flesh, this tiny bird cooks quickly, making it a chef’s best friend during busy dinner services or the weekend rush. With a delicious taste and an elegant presentation, poussin’s diminutive size makes it just enough for a single serving and cements it as one of our favorite poultry options. Browse through our entire selection today and start featuring this French classic on your menus as soon as tomorrow!
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Poussin Chicken - Whole
from United States by Palmetto Farms
Poussin, Semi-Boneless
by Broadleaf
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Poussin, Whole
by Broadleaf
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Whole Poussin Chicken
from United States by Palmetto Farms

What is poussin? Pronounced poo-SAHN, this delicate young chicken is also commonly called a Spring chicken. Spring denoting its small size rather than the season, you’ll find it available year-round. Small in proportion, poussin generally ranges from 16-20 ounces, making it the perfect single-serving bird. Harvested at 4-6 weeks old the poussin isn’t mature enough to have developed dark meat and boasts all-white legs and thighs. This diminutive fowl has a sweet and mild taste -very similar to chicken- but more delicate in texture and noticeably leaner. Often compared to veal for its youth and light flavor, poussin is a European favorite that you won’t find on very many menus in the United States. Easy to cook and even easier to eat, stand out from the crowd by featuring poussin on your menu today! Because poussin is so mellow, it is the perfect blank canvas for the creative chef. Absorbing flavors easily, this is an excellent bird to try out intense flavorful combinations on. Stuffing is a great idea, if roasting whole, as it infuses the meat with flavor while spatchcocking coupled with a bright and piquant rub is another excellent method of preparation and makes cooking this tiny fowl quite quick. However you decide to prepare it, we know you’ll be pleased with the delicious results of this fantastic young bird!

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