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A mainstay of European cuisine, the rabbit has long held a special place at the table. Though its popularity has ebbed and flowed with the passing of the centuries, the rabbit is once again on the rise. A true cony renaissance, the bunny has become a chef favorite in recent years, favored for its ease of preparation, delicious taste, and versatility in the kitchen. The limits of its gastronomical ability still relatively untapped, the rabbit is the contemporary gourmand's meat of choice. Browse through our unequaled selection of rabbits today for a delicious taste of our past and the future!
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Rabbit, Whole, Domestic Fryers
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rabbit Strip Loin, Boneless
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rabbit Bones
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rabbit Hind Legs, Bone-in
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rabbit Trim
from United States by Pel-Freez
Rabbit Saddles, Bone-in
from United States by Pel-Freez
Ground Rabbit Meat, Air Chilled
from Spain by Hermi
Whole Rabbit, Air Chilled
from Spain by Hermi
Rabbit Saddles, Boneless
from United States by Pel-Freez
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Rabbits have likely been hunted and eaten longer than the history books record. An ideal source of protein rabbit is lean, tender, and versatile in the kitchen. A lean meat that is also relatively low in cholesterol, rabbit is not only a delicious choice but a healthy one too! Believed to have originated in Iberia Spain, rabbits first grabbed man's attention with the Roman legions as they made their way across Europe. Easily domesticated and reproducing like well… rabbits, they spread rapidly across the continent. Favored by medieval monks, rabbits like so many foods, were an alternative source of protein during lent as they were not considered meat if eaten just after birth. With the advent of the industrial revolution, many farmers and countryfolk moved to the city in pursuit of an easier and better life, many of them brought their rabbits with them. Though now living in an urban environment rabbits continued to be the main source of sustenance for many. Especially favored in France and Italy, the humble rabbit is featured in all manner of dishes from cacciatore and ragu to lasagna and stew. Long favored for their delightful taste and tender succulent texture, where would we be without the aid of the rabbit?

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