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The perfect holiday centerpiece, our delicious whole turkeys and turduckens, are a gorgeous and tasty addition to any table. After centuries of annual Thanksgiving dinners and celebrations, turkey is still the bird we turn to when we need to prepare an extraordinary feast. Have all your guests and customers ordering seconds with our delectable list of options! Our juicy birds boast a delicate savory flavor and a tantalizing almost velvety texture we simply can’t get enough of. Explore our entire selection of turkey and other fowl at Gourmet Wholesaler, for a delicious taste of poultry at its finest!
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Turducken With Pork and Sausage Jambalaya
from United States by Big Easy Foods
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Indigenous to the Americas, wild turkeys were domesticated as early as 10 BC by the Aztecs, who not only ate them but also used their large feathers to ornament their bodies in the form of headdresses. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the New World, one of the first creatures that caught their eye was the turkey. After sampling the delightful meat, they were quick to bring it back with them to Europe. Immediately preferred for its excellent texture, turkey quickly took the place of stringier birds, like peacocks and pheasants, at the tables of the noblemen and aristocracy of Western Europe. By the time the pilgrims came over on the infamous voyage of the Mayflower, ironically, they brought with them European domesticated turkeys. The wild turkey the conquistadors so admired was a very different bird from the industrialized turkey you’ll find on grocery store shelves today. Naturally, the turkey is a fast bird that can reach up to 40km and is gifted with keen sight and sharp hearing. In fact, the wild turkey was so admired that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make it the national bird instead of the Bald Eagle. Since those days, the Broad Breasted White turkey has become the most popular breed, valued for its large breasts and high yield. A favorite around the world, we still love turkey for its delicious taste and consistent, almost velvety texture. Try some of our superb hormone and antibiotic-free turkey today for a taste of one of North America’s most enticing culinary contributions.

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