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With breasts that are rumored to taste like a combination of duck and steak, the squab is a singularly delicious bird whose gastronomic promise knows no bounds. Comprised entirely of dark meat, the pigeon has that same delightful flavor only found in the legs of chicken coursing throughout its entire body. This wonderful trait, coupled with the fact that squab is captured and killed within its first four weeks of life guarantees a truly tender bird. So whether you’re pan-roasting these chicks in the classic French manner or frying them like the Chinese, we’re certain you’re going to love the succulent texture and delightful taste of our gourmet squab! Explore our complete selection today, and thanks to our overnight delivery service, start featuring this delightful fowl on your menu as soon as tomorrow.
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Whole Squab
from United States by Palmeto
Whole All-Natural Squab
from United States by Broadleaf
Squab, Semi-boneless
from United States by Broadleaf
Richly-flavored young domestic pigeon, partially deboned for excellent presentation.
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Though relatively rare today, squab was once among the most popular forms of protein in the United States. Unfortunately, over the decades, it has fallen out of favor and completely out of the purview of the average American household. The tender and tasty bird of yesteryear started to be replaced by commercially produced chicken shortly after WWII. As more and more people moved to the city and began having their first grisly experiences with the dreadful downtown pigeon coupled with the effect of industrialized farming, squab started to lose some of its charms. After multiple sightings of birds nibbling on cigarette butts found in the gutter or exposure to rails and statues encrusted in pigeon excrement, the American people turned towards the seemingly wholesome chicken complete with her massive breasts and unremarkable yet safe flavor profile. Not easily beat, squab is once again on the rise and continues to become more well represented in restaurants (especially the upscale variety) every day. Slowly but surely the delicious taste and tender texture of the pigeon are being remembered and celebrated. Don't allow your establishment to be left behind as pigeon reclaims his birthright as the prince of poultry, our tastiest fowl, the squab!

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