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Guinea Hen

A fixture of classic European cuisine, the Guinea fowl is prized for its delightfully savory rich meat and its tender texture. Enjoyed so thoroughly and eaten so often in France, that it is simply called “Sunday Bird,” the Guinea hen is a true favorite. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have a fantastic range of this tasty game from whole options to just the legs. Browse through our complete selection and have a taste of this delicious Guinea fowl for yourself!
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Whole Guinea Fowl - Frozen
from United States by Grimaud Farms
Guinea Hen, Whole
by Broadleaf
Guinea Hen Legs, Bone In
by Broadleaf

A bird of west African origin, the Guinea fowl or Guinea hen as it is also called, is hardy and delicious. In ancient Greece and Rome, Guinea was a favorite luxury food and a popular feature at any noble’s table. Though its demand has ebbed and flowed throughout the centuries, Guinea has always been considered somewhat of a delicacy, and for good reason. With a singularly delicious taste and tender meat, Guinea fowl is a truly scrumptious bird! Because the Guinea fowl have never been really domesticated, their meat is more akin to wild game than the fatty mild flavor of chicken or turkey. Thanks to this, their flesh is much darker than the average birds and much more flavorful! A cousin to the chicken and the partridge, Guinea hen's lean yet tender meat, has less fat than chicken and boasts a delightful savory flavor that is often compared to pheasant. Unlike pheasant, however, Guinea’s legs do not have tough tendons running through them, making them much easier to cook with and enjoy. A great option for the health-conscious eater Guinea Fowl has 50% less fat than the already lean white meat of chicken. Though its nutritional stats are great as with any lean meat you must prepare it carefully to prevent it from drying out and becoming stringy. We recommend moist cooking methods like a slow braise, or if roasting, the addition of a lot of fat on its exterior to help lock in the moisture.

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