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With a mild and pleasant flavor, Alligator meat, in truth, doesn't taste very different from chicken. Making the old, and generally unenlightening adage accurate. With a richer flavor, gator is unquestionably a meat unto itself but the similarities to poultry are definite. A staple of Cajun cuisine Alligator lends its delicious flavor to many traditional Creole dishes. Singularly tasty, the gastronomic possibilities of the Alligator are virtually limitless. Browse through our extensive selection of gator options below and start incorporating this southern favorite into your regular dinner rotation!
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Alligator Sirloin
from United States by Broadleaf
Smoked Alligator Andouille Sausage
from United States by Broadleaf
Alligator Leg and Body
from United States by Broadleaf
Alligator Tenderloin
from United States by Broadleaf
Smoked Alligator and Pork Sausage
from United States by Chateau Royal
Alligator Legs
from United States by Broadleaf
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Most commonly eaten in the southern states of America, Alligator is especially prevalent in Louisiana, where it holds a special place, in the hearts and minds, of those who love Cajun cooking. Both the tail and the body are regularly eaten though there is some contention as to which portion of the animal is better. When in Florida, you’ll find that the ribs are favored, and can be found generally smoked or grilled, just the way you might prepare pork or beef ribs. Fried, blackened, roasted, or added to gumbos and sausages, there is no dish that doesn’t benefit from the delightful taste of this exotic meat. While Alligators can grow up to 19 feet in length (who said dinosaurs were extinct) they are generally harvested once they reach roughly four feet. At this point in their development, the meat is supposed to be the most tender and has achieved its ideal flavor. There are three basic types of alligator meat broken down and categorized by where they come from on the body. The tail, of the gator, contains white and dark meat. The white meat is quite tender and mild, not dissimilar to the more familiar veal. The meat taken from the body is markedly pinker in color, more intensely flavored, and slightly tougher. Reminiscent of pork shoulder, it’s delightful in a wide range of dishes. Last but certainly not least, the dark tail meat is tough but it is also the most flavorsome, and when slowly braised yields fantastic results. Browse through our delicious assortment of this tasty reptile today and start incorporating more exotic meats onto your menu as soon as tomorrow!

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