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Often compared to the proverbial taste of chicken, frog legs have a delightfully mild flavor and a texture and size, not unlike the wings of that adaptable bird. Versatile as well as delicious, frog legs can be paired with almost any flavor profile. Positively scrumptious prepared in a multitude of ways, batter and fry them, sauté or poach them, even add them to a stew for a delicious twist. No matter how you decide to serve these delectable amphibians, we’re certain you and your customers are going to love them for their delightful, if somewhat familiar, taste.
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Frog Legs
from China by Broadleaf

If you follow the history books back far enough, you’ll find the frogs have been an integral part of man’s culinary repertoire for millennia. The Aztecs loved frogs, along with the Chinese. Surprisingly, they never seem to pop up within the relatively extensive gastronomic annals of the Roman empire. By the 12th century, the appeal of frogs had spread from the far east to Europe, cropping up somewhat surprisingly within the records of the Catholic Church. Back then a monk's diet was very strictly supervised, and there were days of the week, not including the Lenten fast, when meat was forbidden. The French monks tired of their repressive dieting regime, petitioned the church to begin classifying frogs as fish. Fish not considered meat could be eaten day in and day out. The religiously observant noticed the clever monks' workaround and quickly followed suit, thus spawning a national delicacy and satiating their hunger at the same time! By the 1600s, frog's legs had risen to a level of success unimagined by most foods. The renowned chef Auguste Escoffier created a dish he titillatingly dubbed, Cuisses de Nymphe a l'Aurore or Thighs of the Dawn Nymphs, made from frog legs. The pinnacle of culinary success reached, frogs legs eventually lost their mythical status, even among the French, but continue to be a favorite dish for many and are still thought of today, at least in America, as somewhat exotic.

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