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Larger and more flavorful than an average chicken, Capon boasts tender juicy meat that is completely void of any gaminess. Full-breasted, with a generous amount of fat, the Capon’s makeup keeps the areas of the chicken that are generally most susceptible to heat, like the breast, moist and tender throughout cooking. In other words, the Capon is the chicken idealized. In all the places generic fowl fall short the Capon triumphs. A real treat this bird is unfortunately very hard to find in grocery stores or even high-end shops. Thankfully at Gourmet Wholesaler, it’s our mission to provide just such items to the epicures and gourmands among us. Our excellent selection includes some of the best whole Capons available on the market, browse through them today along with all our other delicious options for a taste of the finer things!
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Capon, Whole
from United States by Broadleaf

A culinary breakthrough, the Capon marries the naturally intense characteristics of a rooster with the undeniable laws of biology to create a bird that has both a rooster’s strong flavor profile coupled with the tender qualities of a young hen. The capon is technically a rooster that is castrated before reaching sexual maturity suspending the animal in an unending pubescence that renders its meat soft and yielding. The timing of the castration is imperative and must be done before he reaches the age of maturity, otherwise, the natural changes in muscle density will have already started to take place, and the immature plump and soft meat will be lost. While castration results in smaller roosters, the Capon still grows to a size larger than the biggest hen. Although genetics plays a large role in the creation of this delectable meat, a rich diet (consisting of milk or porridge) does the rest. A higher ratio of fat and a larger proportion of white meat imbues the Capon with a singularly delicious quality. This even coat of fat that develops post castration and surrounds the muscles helps to keep the cooked bird juicy and effectively bastes the meat throughout the cooking process leading to a buttery and delectable finished dish. Thanks to its lack of sex hormones the Capon is a bird unto itself with a taste that cannot be compared nor rivaled by any other meat enjoy it for yourself today by ordering at Gourmet Wholesaler!

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