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Cornish Game Hens

Inexpensive, petit, and making for a truly elegant presentation, Cornish Game hens are one of our favorites! Weighing in at just under a pound, these delightful little fowl are easy to cook and even easier to eat! Each bird provides a generous individual serving that is positively bursting with juicy, succulent flavor. With only the torso bones removed, our Cornish Game hens have all the delicious taste imbued to meats by cooking them bone-in, with the added convenience of not having to remove the spine or breastplate yourself! Explore our entire selection of this delightfully dainty bird, and thanks to our overnight delivery options, start featuring them on your menu as soon as tomorrow!
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Cornish Game Hens, Semi-Boneless
from United States by Broadleaf
Cornish Hen, Whole

From the way Cornish Game Hens are marketed, you might be led into believing that they are some sort of exotic game fowl captured in the Celtic moors of Cornwall. But their deliberately misleading title would put your estimations way off the mark. In truth, the Cornish game hen is an American culinary tradition, the result of cross-breeding Cornish bantam roosters with Plymouth Rock hens. Originally bred in Connecticut by husband and wife Jaques and Alphonsine Makowsky, these tiny birds were a consequence of masterful breeding techniques that created short plump birds with uncommonly large breasts, which developed in a mere five weeks! According to legend, within a year the Cornish Game Hen dominated the market. Exotic, thanks to their diminutive size, the single-serving bird was soon a feature on every menu and a fixture on most grocery store shelves. Today the official definition of what a true Cornish Game Hen is is murky at best. Technically any chicken between 1 and 2 pounds in weight slaughtered at fewer than five weeks can be considered a Cornish Game Hen. The term hen seems to be applied rather loosely as either sex is allowed to bear the title. In short, the Cornish game hen is not technically game meat, it could very well bear no true Cornish lineage, and may very well not even be a hen. Although there are a lot of things the Cornish Game Hen is not, it is most definitely a delicious, fun, and elegant meal that’s easily prepared and even more easily consumed.

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