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Elk Leg

Versatile and delicious our Cervena Elk Denver legs are multiple cuts in one! Completely boneless, they are masterfully separated and cleaned to remove every last trace of gristle or silver skin, resulting in nothing but savory lean meat! Perfect for any number of culinary uses trim them in house for steaks, noisettes, medallions, fillets, or even whole roasts. The delicious trim that remains is exceptional when repurposed into fajitas, stir-frys, or stews. Coming in about 7-8 portions, all delicious in their unique ways, the possibilities of an elk leg are virtually limitless!
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Cervena Elk Denver Leg, Boneless
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Leg Denver Leg Portion, Boneless
from New Zealand by Broadleaf

The Denver leg consists of the four subprimal muscles from the hind leg of the animal. The muscles are each broken down into individual groups, which usually results in about 7-8 unique pieces of meat. These are the inside round, the bottom round, the top round, and the top sirloin. Each portion is then cleaned, and all the silver skin removed, leaving you with perfectly prepared sections of meat that are ready to be used in any capacity or application you choose! Each of the four subprimals are all various sizes and weights, giving you about eight different opportunities to get creative with this cut and offer something unique on your menu. The smaller portion of the inside round does exceptionally well split in half and rounded into fillets, the trim leftover from portioning out your steaks can be used in tacos, stews, or any number of other dishes. The eye of round makes perfect medallions. Elegant and delicious, these are a dish unto themselves. The top round is a relatively large portion that is ideal for cutting into steaks or splitting into large leg filets. The top sirloin makes delicious little noisettes or medallions ready to be thrown in the pan! The Denver leg is an efficient and versatile cut that leaves you with 100% yield and minimal trim after fabrication.

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