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Venison Round

One of the most versatile cuts of meat from any animal, venison round, lends itself to a host of different cooking methods and techniques. Positively delicious when barbecued, braised, or roasted, don’t miss out on the wide range of possibilities intrinsic to the round. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we're proud to offer some of the finest venison available anywhere. Sourced from the verdant countryside of New Zealand, our deer are grass-fed and never given any antibiotics, hormones, or stimulants. Wholesome and delicious, try this delectable meat for yourself today and taste the difference in the quality of our free-range venison!
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Venison Bottom Round, Cap On
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Venison Inside Round, Cap On
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
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The venison round, or hindquarter as it’s sometimes called, is a large and wonderfully versatile cut. Perfect for anything from steaks, roasts, and kebabs, to jerky, stew, or grinds, the sky's the limit when it comes to the venison round. Purchase the whole round or simply order your favorite section (there’s four: top round, bottom round, eye of round, and sirloin) from among our exceptional list of options. To further break down your choices allow us to elucidate the realm of possibilities. The top and bottom rounds are large pieces of whole muscles, making them great for steaks when harvested from young deer. The bottom round is usually the more tender of the two cuts, especially when nearing the trip tip area, right around the bottom of the muscle. When sliced down into chunks, these make great kebabs or stew meat. Cut into long slim strips they're also the ideal option for stir-frys. The eye of round can range from quite tender to tough, depending on whether it’s from a young deer or an old one. Young eye of round can be cooked quickly and treated much like a tenderloin. Conversely, old deer rounds, should be relegated to the world of long marination and jerky making. Taken from the back of the leg, right below the rump, yet still above the shank, the round is an oft-overlooked cut of venison, but it boasts fantastic flavor and a wide range of possibilities that shouldn’t be missed!

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