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Venison Sausages

Piquant, smokey, spicy, or sweet, a well-made sausage is always a welcome addition to any meal. A lean meat, venison gets just the right amount of moist, juicy fat and irresistible texture from our delightful combination of beef, pork, and thoughtfully chosen spices. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we’re proud of our selection of venison sausages sourced from some of the finest purveyors and master craftsmen in the world. Explore our entire selection today and start including the unparalleled flavor of venison in all your favorite dishes and recipes!
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Venison Sausage with Blueberries and Merlot Wine
from United States by Chateau Royal
Venison Sausage with Red Wine, Demi Glace
from United States by Chateau Royal
Venison Sausages
from United States by Broadleaf
Venison Sausages with Pork
from United States by Broadleaf
Smoked Venison Sausages with Port Wine
from United States by Broadleaf
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Perfectly seasoned to their center, sausages are juicy, fatty, and flavorful, and when cooked correctly, give that wonderfully satisfying snap. On top of all that sausages are an economical option that’s already portioned out for you and ready to cook, no trimming or weighing required. In short, the sausage is a pretty incredible food, and the venison sausage is one of the finest. To ensure you enjoy these amazing sausages at their very best, we’ve assembled a few rules to live by when cooking them. Always cook your sausages over low heat. Like all meats, as sausages cook they contract. When placed over high heat, the casing ends up contracting much more quickly than the still raw meat inside. As the casing shrinks, it pops and cracks, allowing the juices held within to gush out and leaving you with a dry juiceless center. Conversely, our second rule is not to cook your sausages over too low a heat. While your casings will remain intact, you’ll only get a minuscule amount of browning, and as soon as your sausage cools, it will wither up and deflate like a balloon, this is the result of not enough heat. By the time you start to get a bit of scorching, your meats inside have already dramatically overcooked. Deceptively, all appears well while on the grill thanks to the steam within, but as soon as they cool they’ll shrivel and you’ll be left, once again, with a less than perfect sausage. Our solution to the issue of heat is to first poach your sausages! While you can use water over the stovetop to do this, it seems like a sad waste of an opportunity. Instead, we recommend simmering your links over the grill in an aluminum pan using a flavorful liquid of your choice. We like sauerkraut juice, beer, or the two combined. Once fully cooked via poaching, simply transfer the sausage to the hot grill and get that amazing brown and crispy exterior we all love so well. Equipped with our full-proof method for cooking the perfect sausage, you’re now ready to set forth and grill!

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Venison Sausages Questions And Answers