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Elk Tenderloin

Surprisingly tender yet wonderfully lean, the tenderloin is always the most coveted cut available, and thanks to the elk’s massive size, it’s larger than ever! Similar to Venison in terms of flavor and texture, but with a markedly sweeter taste and a mild finish, our Cervena Elk has none of the toughness or gaminess, characteristic of hunted game meats. The perfect centerpiece served whole or portioned into individual filets, the delightful taste of our Elk is sure to have all your guests ordering seconds!
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Cervena Elk Tenderloin
from New Zealand by Duncan
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We’ve all got a nature enthusiast in our lives that sporadically passes out his latest kill. For many, their only experience with game meat comes in these irregular, butcher-wrapped parcels sporting uneven quality and somewhat dubious taste. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that venison and elk have received mixed reviews over the years. However, at Gourmet Wholesaler, we know the exceptional taste of good elk, and we’ve made it our mission to share the special qualities of this amazing game meat with the world! Elk is characterized by its fine grain and succulent texture, resulting from its uniquely short, thin muscle fibers. Four times more tender than beef, it is also significantly more lean and flavorful. When shopping for elk, you may see the term Cervena bandied about. Cervena is not a breed but rather an appellation for a certain set of standards met or exceeded by the purveyor. The Cervena name certifies that the elk in question has been naturally pasture-raised and grass-finished and that they have never been given growth hormones or steroids. When it comes to antibiotics, they are only administered in dire circumstances to protect the health and well-being of the animals. Once given, the animals are tracked and separated, so they are never allowed to be processed or sold for consumption. The Cervena moniker also stipulates that the elk be processed before the age of three years and that they are broken down at certified and accredited facilities. Thanks to the stringent demands of this certification, Cervena is one of the most highly desirable and sought after varieties available, and we’re proud to be featuring this extraordinary meat at Gourmet Wholesaler!

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