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Elk Saddle

One of the most traditional cuts the saddle is a large portion consisting of two rib racks, two short loins, and two tenderloins, essentially, all the most premium cuts! With such a diversity of portions, the culinary options for the elk saddle are virtually endless! Large and whole, the saddle is perfect for those who prefer to break down their meats. Incredibly tender with none of the musky flavors or toughness associated with hunted game meats, our Wapiti and Cervena saddles come from free-range grass-fed elk sourced from the lush valleys of New Zealand's rich countryside. Never given antibiotics or hormones, our game meat is not only some of the most delicious but also some of the most wholesome!
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Cervena Elk Saddle, Bone In, Split
from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Cervena Elk Shortloin Saddle, Bone In
from New Zealand by Broadleaf

Where once most elk meat lovers had to rely on a hunting enthusiast friend, or the occasional gourmet market, for the chance to eat this amazing meat, today simply look to Gourmet Wholesaler for all your elk and other wild game meat needs. Now it's easier than ever to get the great taste of elk into all your favorite recipes, simply browse through our selection and click to order! Thanks to our fantastic shipping options, you can receive your orders as quickly as the next day with the convenience of having them sent directly to your front door or business. Carefully boxed in special cooling packaging, our meats are shipped frozen and arrive that way too. If planning to use immediately, deposit your elk into the refrigerator and allow it to thaw thoroughly. Depending on the size of the meats ordered, remember to take them out in advance of cooking to let them come to room temperature. This technique is called tempering and helps your cuts cook more evenly, preventing an overcooked exterior and a raw interior. Take a moment to explore our entire collection of delicious elk meats today and start enjoying them as soon as tomorrow!

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