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Venison Chops

The venison chop is yet another delightful cut that comes from the loin. Big, thick, and juicy, our chops are loaded with succulent, naturally lean and tender meat, sourced from our pasture-raised New Zealand Cervena and Red Deer. These tasty chops are a wholesome and health-conscious alternative to more generic beef or pork steaks. Humanely raised, our deer are given the freedom to roam throughout their pristine habitat, and are never administered any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. The perfect cut, of the perfect meat, our venison chops require little more than seasoning and searing!
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Containing the rib bone, the chop at its center is the tender meat that runs along the spine, sometimes called the backstrap or more commonly the loin. A thick cut, one chop yields a hefty serving, and thanks to the fact that it contains a bone is extra flavorful. A rich meat, venison is incredibly succulent, and in fact, is much more tender than beef or even chicken. This quality makes venison the ideal meat for dry-heat cooking. With a fine-grain and intensely meaty flavor, venison is known as the meat of kings for a reason. A complete protein, venison contains all the essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce on their own yet still need to function. Lower in saturated fat than other meats and with less cholesterol than chicken or turkey, it’s also a heart-healthy choice. Filled to brimming with iron, zinc, and a wide array of B vitamins, good old venison is a veritable superfood! Health benefits aside, and there are a lot of them, venison also offers something beef, pork, and chicken, can’t, it’s a game meat, meaning it intrinsically has more flavor than any of those farm-raised animals. Allowed to live and range freely, it’s varied diet and physically active lifestyle, imbue it with a taste and savor simply unattainable by other animals. Explore our entire selection of this amazing meat today and start adding the truly spectacular taste of venison to all your favorite dishes!

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