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Venison Medallions

Venison medallions come from that most prized of venison cuts, the backstrap, or loin. Beginning from the area near the spine, this is the section of a deer’s body that’s home to some of the least used and thus most tender meat. Our fine-grained and delightfully juicy venison portions range in size from a refined 4 ounces to a hefty 8, depending on the look you prefer. Cooking quickly and rendering truly sensational results, our medallions are a chef’s favorite order during a busy dinner service or the weekend rush. Explore all our delightfully tasty options and add a touch of the exotic to your menu with our tempting game meat options.
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Venison Medallions
from New Zealand by Broadleaf

Sure to please even the pickiest of eaters or the most refined gourmand, our scrumptious venison medallions have a lot going for them. Easily and quickly prepared, fry up these elegantly portioned steaks for a savory meaty meal. To add a little extra nuance, we like to first marinate our medallions. A quick sear in a hot pan and a few minutes on either side will result in a velvety soft steak you’re going to love. One of the fundamental rules of preparing and cooking venison correctly, is to never overcook it. Medium rare to rare is the ideal range, allowing these steaks to keep their succulent texture. Because venison is a lean meat, further cooking will result in a dried-out steak. Sourced from the lush valleys and green mountains of the beautiful New Zealand countryside, we’re proud to partner with some of the finest sustainable venison farms in the world. Allowed to roam free, these deer subsist on a natural diet of native grasses and foraged berries and leaves. This widely varied diet coupled with an active lifestyle gives our venison a complexity and nuance not found in generic beef and pork.

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