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Other Venison Cuts

Didn’t find what you were after among our most popular venison options? Take a look at our list of lesser-known cuts. Whether you’re browsing in search of a certain portion you can’t find anywhere else, or an entire deer, we’ve got all the bases covered at Gourmet Wholesaler! Explore our extensive selection of some of the finest venison available on the market, sourced from sustainable farms and ranches around the world. With quality at the forefront of everything we do, you’re sure to love all of our delicious game meat options!
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Axis Venison Carcass, Whole
from United States by Maui Nui
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Purchasing a whole venison carcass for your establishment is a smart and economical way to make the most of this delicious meat. If equipped with enough storage space, this is always the best way to go as every part of this fine animal is tasty and useful. The steaks, shoulders, shanks, and mince that define this animal are in a class unto themselves, boasting rich, minerally flavors that simply aren't found in your generic feed-lot raised beef or pork. The obvious primal cuts like the loin can be portioned down into approximately twelve 550-750g filets, depending on the size of your deer. Both shoulders, when ground, yield about 3kg of sausage or burger, and this can be made to go even further if blended with fattier meats like pork for added juiciness. A boned haunch once trimmed generally gets you about ten servings on the usual fine-dining menu. And of course, at the end of breaking the animal down, you’re left with quite a lot of bones and trim for stocks, broths, sauces, and glazes. All this translates to big savings and higher net profits for your business. No matter what your intended use for your whole deer carcass, we’re sure you’re going to love the economies it brings to your establishment, and the unmatched flavor it produces in your dishes!

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Other Venison Cuts Questions And Answers