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Elk Ribs and Racks

Our frenched elk ribs and racks make for an elegant presentation and a delightfully savory meal. A great way to make any special occasion that much more so, this cut is simple and easy to prepare, rendering some of the best dishes you’ll ever try. With a truly fantastic taste, elk is almost beefy in flavor with a distinctly sweet finish we simply cannot get enough of. Try this exceptional game meat for yourself today, and taste the Gourmet difference.
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Cervena Elk Frenched 2 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Duncan
Cervena Elk Frenched 8 Rib Rack
from New Zealand by Broadleaf

The ideal meat for the health-conscious eater elk is a naturally lean meat that is positively bursting with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. With a taste similar to beef but with a fraction of the saturated fat, elk also boasts higher levels of protein and less cholesterol than the aforementioned option. A great source of Iron, Phosphorous, and Zinc, elk meat truly has it all. With its mild taste and sweet finish, it’s the “better beef” and the perfect gateway meat for those new to the world of game. Because our meats come from animals with an active lifestyle and a healthy natural diet, they’re much leaner than the generic options you’re most likely to find on grocery store shelves. This difference should not be discounted, and the cooking approach you take must be slightly more delicate with wild game meats, or you run the risk of drying them out. To maintain textural integrity and keep that tender velvety consistency, aim for medium-rare to rare. Even when preparing burgers, be sure to leave a little pink in the center for optimal results. While it may not currently have the popularity of beef, or even venison, as more people are exposed to the excellent qualities of elk, its popularity continues to grow. With a laundry list of positives and a taste that’s indisputably perfect, we’re certain that after your first bite, beef will be just another thing you used to eat.

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