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Micuit Foie Gras

With all the luxurious taste of delectable fresh Foie Gras but with an extended shelf life (thanks to some light cooking), Micuit Foie Gras is one of our favorite interpretations of this elegant French staple. Shaped into a stylish, yet simple bar, Micuit Foie Gras adds drama to your table, and its graceful shape ensures easy slicing. Our extraordinary selection of Foie Gras includes classic as well as contemporary versions. From simple yet delightful all-liver terrines to those layered with aspic, infused with port, or shot through with Perigord black truffles, our unparalleled collection includes a little bit of everything. Try any of these gourmet options for a true taste of luxury!
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Duck Foie Gras Mousse with Port Wine Pate - All Natural
from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
Duck Rillettes with 20% Foie Gras Pate
from Canada by Rougie
Royale Duck Foie Gras Mousse
from Canada by Rougie
Goose and Duck Foie Gras Mousse Supreme
from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
Parfait of Duck Foie Gras
from Canada by Rougie
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This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Goose Mousse Supreme with Sauternes
from United States by Fabrique Delices
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Our Micuit Foie Gras is a silky smooth, almost mousse-like option. Made of either duck or goose liver it is pressed together into an elegant and convenient block, making serving and slicing easy and clean. Though Micuit arrives ready to serve, it does need to be refrigerated. Like all Foie Gras, it is best served chilled, neither cold nor room temperature the perfect serving temp lies somewhere in between. When you hit this “sweet spot” you’ll be able to taste all the complex nuances of luxurious Foie Gras while not overwhelming your senses with liver that is overly warm. This semi-cooked option is prepared by slowly poaching the liver at low temperatures. A method of preparation that renders Foie Gras with an unimaginably silky texture and extends its shelf-life to somewhere around three months. Delicious and convenient, this is one of our favorite ways to indulge in this French classic. The simplest and most traditional way to serve Foie Gras is to simply spread it on toast. Paired with dry champagne or a sweet white wine, this straightforward approach is hard to beat. Making an excellent starter, finely sliced Foie Gras alongside a fresh salad of tender mixed greens, or a tray of sweet fruit, preserves, and lightly toasted bread, is a great way to begin a meal. However you choose to serve this delicacy, we’re sure you’ll enjoy its rich flavors and velvety finish!

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