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If you’ve invested in one of those juicy legs of Prosciutto slicing it properly is imperative to getting the most out of your meat. To do that, you’ll need the right tools. Our lovely Prosciutto knife and clamp are just what you need to get the job done quickly and effectively! Produced from only the finest materials, our hand-finished Prosciutto carving knife is made in Italy. With a blade composed of Bonpertuis stainless steel, a metal made specifically for knives, brass rivets for durability, and a hand-finished rosewood handle, this knife is not only functional but beautiful! Explore our entire range of high-quality tools necessary for preparing and enjoying all your gourmet foods!
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Proscuitto Carving Knife with Rosewood Handle
from Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio
Jamonera Clamp / Holder
from Spain by Fermin
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A leg of Prosciutto or a whole Spanish Jamon is a true culinary treasure. Treat these luxury foods with the utmost care by using the proper tools of preparation. When hand slicing, it’s best to begin near the top of the leg. Each cut should be made, one on top of the other, in parallel lines. This ensures that as you cut, you develop and retain a flat edge. As you get close to the large bone that runs through the center of the leg, also known as the femoral bone, stop to turn the entire leg. When ready, reclamp into a position that will allow you to comfortably start cutting again. Before every cut you make with your knife, it is important to first remove the skin near the point of the cut. Hand slicing is a difficult art, and one that takes practice to master, however, we believe that it’s worth the effort. Hand slicing your meats allows you to enjoy them the same way they would have centuries ago. Unlike a machine, each slice is unique, following the natural pattern of fiber and muscle within the leg and offering you a completely different sensation on the palate with each bite. Experience cured meat the way it was always meant to be with these effective and functional tools.

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