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Pata Negra

Unparalleled in taste and texture, the Spanish pigs of Iberico, known as Pata Negra, have come to symbolize the pinnacle of achievement for pork. Their combination of delicate flavor and intense aroma, make this spectacular meat attractive, nay, indispensable to the gourmand’s table. Distinguished from other breeds by its wonderfully marbled flesh and black hooves, Pata Negra has long been considered to be the best. At one point, in the not so distant past, there was a lot of misuses and mislabeling, capitalizing on the well-regarded name Iberico pork had attained. To avoid any confusion, Spain issued new country-wide stipulations on what can and cannot be considered Pata Negra. With these new rules in effect as of 2014, the first true Pata Negras since the ruling have finally finished curing (it takes four years) and are now ready to be purchased and enjoyed. Browse through our entire collection of true Pata Negra pork and taste this delightful meat as it was meant to be!
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Wholesale Paleta Iberica Ham (shoulder) - Whole, Boneless | Buy online today
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This boneless 100% Iberico Ham shoulder offers unbeatable flavor!
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This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Renowned for its flavorful meat, the Spanish Iberico pig produces the finest Jamons in the world. With a dark almost black coat and hoofs to match, these pigs are also commonly referred to as Pata Negra, meaning black hoof. Although there are jamons made in every region of Spain, they are not all created equal, the majority of them not achieving anything close to the amazingly complex flavors and silky texture of the Iberico de Bellota Jamon. To prevent abuses, this term Pata Negra has been reserved for top-quality jamons, taken from the Iberico swine of Spain. They must also meet the criteria of being considered bellota or acorn-fed. In keeping with Spanish tradition, bellota pigs must be finished for the last 3 months of their lives as free-range animals. Left to roam free and forage among the Iberian oaks, enriching the flavor of their meat with the acorns and wild grasses there. Generally sold as a whole leg, we carry bone-in and boneless varieties, along with the option of pre-sliced Pata Negra, whole shoulders, and loins. Explore our entire range of these truly spectacular meats today for a taste of one of the most delicious and authentic meats of Spain.

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