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Foie Gras Accompaniments and Utensils

Whether you’ve opted for a fresh lobe or a splendidly seasoned terrine, you’ll be able to create clean delicate slices of Foie Gras with our assortment of specially made utensils. Built to slice through the soft and velvety texture of French Foie Gras, these expertly crafted knives and slicers will do an amazing job of creating perfectly smooth portions every time. With no crumbling or sticking your Foie Gras has never looked better! With clean and even slivers, plating becomes that much faster and easier, with absolutely no waste of our luxurious liver. Browse through the entire selection today and experience firsthand the difference the right knife can make!
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Foie Gras Knife
from Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio
Foie Gras Slicer
from China by
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Foie Gras Paring Knife
from Italy by Sanelli Ambrogio
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Buttery and rich, Foie Gras is almost beefy in its singularly delicious taste. Made of Duck or Goose liver, it complements a wide range of flavors, pairing especially well with sweet or sour combinations. But which kind to choose? Goose or Duck? Traditionalists might opt for the former, but many prefer duck for its slightly meatier flavor and less fatty characteristics. Still boasting the luxurious qualities of a good Foie Gras, duck has a clean finish on the palate and is easier to cook, not falling apart and melting as readily as Goose. Whichever you choose, be sure to chill your Foie Gras thoroughly before serving, and slice it into portions with a sharp knife or wire cutter! Classically served on its own Foie Gras is best eaten accompanied by slices of toasted bread and fresh fruit or preserves. Though composed of just a handful of ingredients, there is a certain finesse to correctly serving Foie Gras. The bread you serve it with should be sturdy enough to hold your liver, acting as an impartial vehicle for the flavorsome spread it carries. We like a nice firm baguette, sliced into dainty rounds and delicately toasted, white bread has a neutral flavor that enhances the Foie Gras without competing with it. To balance out the intensely fatty nature of Foie Gras serve it alongside sweet fruit, preserves, or compotes. This can be anything from sliced green apple to a jar of caramelized onions; let your imagination run wild! And don’t forget that your pairing can, and should, include something to drink. Holding to the sweet/tart combination when eating liver, we love a glass of good champagne or sweet white wine like the traditional Sauternes.

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Foie Gras Accompaniments and Utensils Questions And Answers