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Fully Cooked Foie Gras

Also known as Cuit, our fully cooked Foie Gras is unimaginably silky with a rich and buttery taste. Packaged in jars and tins, this convenient option can be kept for years on the pantry shelf without sacrificing any of its original flavor or texture, making it the ideal ingredient for busy commercial kitchens. We have a wide selection including delightful all-liver options as well as new and exciting flavored choices like our truffled or port wine-infused Foie Gras. Try any of our delicious options below for a luxurious and authentic taste of this French classic!
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Duck Foie Gras - Shelf Stable
from Canada by Rougie
Mousse of Duck Foie Gras Fully-Cooked
from Canada by Rougie

Serving Foie Gras can sometimes be tricky, with its signature taste, one must carefully balance flavors to elevate the rich taste of liver, without overshadowing it. Foie Gras is exceptionally fatty, making anything with sweet or sharp/sour characteristics an ideal accompaniment. Green apples bring both of these elements to a dish and add a great diversity of texture to the smooth and velvety quality of the liver. Red fruits, like cherries and figs, are also great if you’re going for a sweet combination. Don’t forget your Foie Gras pairing can come in liquid form, sweet wines like Sauternes are a classic combination, while Banyuls and Coteaux du Layon make admirable options as well. As for the bread, choose a variety that is dense enough to hold the foie gras, a baguette sliced into dainty rounds works well for this. If using large slices, quarter them before toasting for ease of use. No matter the size or style of your loaf, be sure to avoid anything with a strong flavor, like rye or pumpernickel. Instead, opt for a neutral-tasting white bread that will provide a sturdy foundation, enhancing your Foie Gras rather than competing with it. With all these rules at the forefront of your mind, enjoying your new tin of gourmet Foie Gras will become a truly sublime experience!

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Fully Cooked Foie Gras Questions And Answers