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Since 2001, Gourmet Wholesaler has been a
distributor of the finest gourmet food. Our
specialty is helping you create delicious experiences.

Baking and Pastry

You have an establishment with a need for everything sweet, and we have the baking ingredients and desserts that will make your client’s taste buds dance. At Gourmet Wholesaler, our catalog of delicious pies, tarts, macarons, crepes, cookies, and baking ingredients from the most popular gourmet brands are ready to ship to your establishment at a moment’s notice. Our products are perfect for any event or recipe. Across the world, we cater to cruise ships, private planes, personal chefs, and specialty food stores to provide top-quality gourmet products from the best providers. We have the ingredients that professional pastry chefs crave for their most exquisite creations.

Baking and Pastry

Desserts and Sweets

Popular Baking Brands

Gourmet Wholesaler provides your establishment with the best and highest quality ingredients that pastry chefs know and love. Our catalog of chocolates, pastes, purees, sugars, mixes and so much more are perfect for specialty food and pastry shops, cruise lines, personal chefs, and private planes and yachts. We sell large quantities to supply you with the quality, gourmet ingredients you need to satisfy any audience. In our catalog, you’ll find a selection of products that will take your pantry and recipes to the next level. We offer amazing baking chocolates from companies like Valrhona and Callebaut in gourmet styles made for the luxury market. We offer cacao powder and extracts from exotic locations around like Indonesia and Madagascar that will elevate the quality of any dish. We feature an exquisite selection of tasty desserts including cakes, cookies, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, and calissons to satisfy the sweet tooth of any clientele. Our popular baking and pastry brands include Boiron, Callebaut, Gelatech, Guittard, La Fruitiere, Leonidas Chocolate, Noel, Pastry 1, Ravifruit, and Valrhona. Our wholesale line of gourmet baking and pastry products is the perfect solution for those in restaurant and hospitality. We ship overnight on most products to ensure quality and health standards, so your establishment can start making amazing desserts and pastries as soon possible! Don’t forget our line of purees and smoothies primed for use at your high-end cocktail bars. Create drink sensations that will stun the palates of your clientele.