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Baking Jams

Sweet and tangy our selection of baking jams is the pastry chef’s secret weapon. Packed with flavor, these jams have the power to enhance any dish with a pop of fruit. Capturing the freshest produce at their peak of ripeness, and combining them with a handful of delicious ingredients, gives us a baking jam that will take your dishes to the next level!
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Raspberry Jam, Gastronomique
from Switzerland by Hero
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Sourced from the best suppliers in the world, our delicious jams are created for the professional chef. Our jams spread evenly and consistently, with a flavor powerful enough to withstand those high baking temperatures and shine through in your finished dish. Carefully created with culinary applications in mind, all our jams are seedless. Having been cooked down for a long amount of time, the flavors in each are highly concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way! Reduced to a thicker consistency, they are better at holding their shape, making them suited to almost any kitchen task. Regular jams have a delicious taste, but when placed in the oven they tend to ooze and seep, making your finished products less aesthetically pleasing. In products that are baked twice, this can be especially bad. The jam dissolves into the dough, compromising its texture and consistency. Escape all these pitfalls and more by using our tried and true baking jam! Thanks to a special kind of pectin that does not re-melt our jams hold their shape beautifully, even when heated multiple times. Guaranteed to taste amazing and look good while doing it, our jams will become your new favorite ingredient. Use them to fill pastries, spread them thinly between the layers of a cake, or use them to add flavor to a classic baked Brie with jam. Try them in a multitude of different recipes from the sweet to the savory, we guarantee you’ll love them!

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