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Almond Paste and Marzipan

Whether you’re hand-modeling Marzipan candy or incorporating almond paste into your next baked good, we have what you need! Delicious high-quality almond paste and Marzipan, available in single blocks or bulk quantities. Fantastic high-quality products sold at wholesale prices all on the same website, make Gourmet Wholesaler your one-stop-shop for the best ingredients. Your list of things to do just got that much easier!
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Sold side-by-side and comprised of a very similar list of ingredients, almond paste and Marzipan are often confused for one another, and with good reason. So what is the difference between Marzipan and almond paste? We’re glad you asked. While they are both composed almost entirely of almonds, almond paste and Marzipan are very different things. Marzipan is a smooth sweet dough that is thick enough to be rolled out and modeled into different shapes. You’ll often see Marzipan fruits and candies that have been hand molded and painted. Marzipan is also used in the same way fondant might be, rolled out to a thin even consistency, and draped over cakes. Almond paste, on the other hand, is much coarser, less sweet, and generally used in conjunction with other ingredients rather than a stand-alone. With its higher concentration of nuts, almond paste boasts a deeply nutty and complex flavor profile making it great for many uses. Though at first glance these two may seem similar they are different enough that substitutions are impossible, which is why we carry both. In a pinch, you can turn almond paste into Marzipan, however, you cannot turn Marzipan back into almond paste, that’s why it’s important to always have both on hand. Thankfully we have great options for each. Made with careful and consistent methods, using high-quality ingredients, we offer two of the finest examples of these ingredients. Browse through our fantastic assortment of almond paste and Marzipan for all your baking needs!

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Almond Paste and Marzipan Questions And Answers