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Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry has, for many years, focused on making the best chocolate possible while fostering the artistic expression of chefs all over the world. Creating ingredients and utensils to help cultivate creativity in the realm of pastry and chocolate making. From their baking sticks to their cocoa butter, Cacao Barry makes the very finest chocolate-based ingredients for all your culinary needs. Whether you’re creating something no one’s ever seen or tasted before, or simply making a few of the classics, Cacao Barry is the brand to turn to for chocolate that will give you delicious and consistent results! Shop our entire selection of Cacao Barry products below, and enjoy some of their truly sensational chocolate!
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Chocolate Coffee Beans - 43.5%
from France by Cacao Barry
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For over 175 years, Cacao Barry has been at the forefront of chocolate making and innovation. Starting as coffee and tea merchants, the Barry family were some of the first to realize the potential in this new thing called chocolate. From health drink to decadent indulgence, Cacao Barry has been a fixture of the industry throughout the evolution of chocolate as we know it. Crafting some of the best cocoa products anywhere in the world, they remain the vanguard of chocolate innovation. Throughout their sterling 175 years long career, Cacao Barry has been the catalyst behind many chocolate inventions. In 1963 they created the chocolate baking stick. Perfectly shaped and tempered, the baking stick was designed specifically for the famous French pastry Pain au Chocolat. The creation worked so brilliantly that now it is the only kind of chocolate used by serious pastry chefs when making that particular pastry. But it didn’t stop there, a few years later Cacao Barry introduced chocolate molds, enabling pastry chefs to get creative in the kitchen and make true edible works of art. They also were the first chocolatiers to create and sell chocolate pistols, now an industry standard for all manner of chocolate creation. Throughout the decades, Cacao Barry has continued to create some of the very best chocolate, helping pastry chefs all over the world create new and spectacular dishes!

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