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Pastry and Tart Shells

From mini tartlets and deep-dish pastry shells to filo dough and puff pastry bouchees, we have a vast assortment of premade shells in any size, flavor, or texture, you need. Below you’ll find an amazing assortment of various cups, tarts, and shells, coming pre-baked, frozen, or fresh! Looking for some exciting new flavors to spark your imagination? Chocolate, sucreé, and savory, our variety of tart shells run the gamut when it comes to taste! Simply toast, then fill with your choice of custard, curd, or cream. With our range of pre-made tart shells, making delicious desserts has never been easier!
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Round Tart Shells - 1.75 Inch, Sweet
from France by Tatin
Pastry Shell - Unsweetened, 1 Inch, Raw, Frozen
from France by Bon Patissier
Round Savory Tart Shells - 3.2 Inch
from China by Moda
on sale
Round Graham Cracker Tart Shells
from China by Moda
Pastry Shell - Sweet, 4 Inch, Raw, Frozen
from France by Bon Patissier
Round Tart Shells - 2.5 Inch, Sweet
from Spain by Moda
Round Sweet Tartelettes
from Philippines by Moda
Round Sweet Chocolate Tartelettes
from China by Moda
Filo Dough, Frozen
by Apollo
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Cream Puff Mini Shells - 1.75 inch
from France by Tatin
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Large Bouchees - 3.25 inch
from France by Pastry 1
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

Pastry shells and tarts are the foundation of so many delightful recipes. Instead of trudging through the various steps of making your tarts, expedite the process by using our delicious gourmet pastry instead! Coming in a wide variety of shapes, from round to square, our shells come in every form and pattern to suit your aesthetics. From buttery puff-pastry Bouchees to shattering filo dough cups, our options allow for delightful textural contrast and flavor that is sure to please. A perfect base for any filling, our mini tart shells make great micro quiches or lemon meringue tarts. Quickly throw together several dozen for a delicious tray of hors devours. A couple of our large puff pastry bouchees, filled with lobster mousse or creamed chicken, makes for a fantastic main. No matter which of our delicious pastries you choose, we can make your job a little easier today, by employing our gourmet selection of pastry shells, and doughs! With careful attention to detail, we wrap all our delicate shells in special packaging to prevent any damage or breakage in transit. We pride ourselves on making sure your order arrives in excellent condition! Whether you need one box or twenty, we have single and bulk options available for all our gourmet products. Come to Gourmet Wholesaler today for the answer to all your gourmet food needs!

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